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Download Zoom App For Windows

Download Zoom App For Windows
Download Zoom App For Windows

Download Zoom App For WindowsZoom is an application used for video conferencing, Zoom can be used on various platforms, one of which is windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10.

Zoom Feature 

  • Zoom has HD audio and video features
  • Zoom has a share screen feature that makes it easy for users to present ppt slides
  • Zoom has a background replacement feature to the user's liking
  • Zoom has meeting scheduling features
  • Zoom has a recording feature that makes it easy for users to record all video conference activities on Zoom
  • Zoom has a Chat feature that makes it easy for users to send messages to other zoom users

Safe Tips for Using Zoom

A.Only allows registered users to join

The user's freedom to use any identity makes it difficult for hosts to recognize participants who enter their conferences. Enable this feature so that hosts can actually check and recognize each user who joins.

b. Use the waiting room feature

With this feature, you as a Host can monitor and sort participants coming to your video conference invitations. If an unknown party is signed in, it can be deleted first before the conference starts.

c. Do not share invitation links to social media

Don't share your links to digital public spaces like social media. Instead, share your invitation link via more private media such as personal chats, WhatsApp groups, personal emails, and similar media. This is done to reduce the chances of your conference being followed by an unknown person.

d. Conference session key

With this feature, you'll close conference sign-in when all attendees have arrived and the meeting started. This is done to reduce the risk of unknown intruders in the middle of the meeting

e. Turn off the content sharing feature of participants

If you don't need to, we recommend turning off content sharing features like Screen Sharing. Change the settings so that only hosts can do Screen Sharing. This is done in anticipation so that there are no interruptions or the appearance of unwanted content in the middle of your activities.

Well, that's a series of information about the zoom application si rescue our activities. Thanks to this video conference technology, a business can still run smoothly.

Download Zoom App For Windows


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