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Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop Like Zoom Meeting App


Webex Meeting

Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop

Before Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop, it helps us to know what is Webex?

Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop

Webex is a tool that can be used for video conf that actually existed in the 1990s. Then in 2007, Cisco successfully acquired Webex at a price of $ 3.2 billion.

Webex is an application that can be used for face-to-face, you can do anything such as audio and video conferences, web conferences, and can also share content on what will be presented.

The content can be like audio, video, or any application or file that is on your laptop. Almost the same as Zoom.

Webex Products

Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop

Know the products from Webex first, before you use the results Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop.

  1. Webex Meetings
  2. Webex Teams
  3. Training Center
  4. Event Center
  5. Support Center
  6. Sales Center
  7. MeetMeNow
  8. PCNow
  9. Webex AIM Pro Business Edition
  10. Webex WebOffice
  11. WebEx Connect

How to register a Webex account

When using Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop, you need to pay attention to how to register for a Webex account.

Registering a Webex account has 2 ways, namely:

  1. Corporate Use, namely, you can use Zoom using the services of a Cisco partner
  2. Personal Use or for free, this method can be done by visiting the Webex website, then Sign Up, follow the instructions on the link by filling in the personal data form correctly.

Then use an active email to register for Webex, because there will be verification using email. Then activate by clicking the create password button, then your account will be successfully verified by Webex.

How to Free Download Cisco Webex for Laptop?

You can Free Download Cisco Webex for Laptop on the official website, you can also use Webex on a laptop using Windows 7, 8 and 10, Android, iOS, macOS with the Play Store, Apps Store with the keyword Webex Meeting.

Webex Meeting Features

Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop

For those of you who plan to Free Download Cisco Webex for Laptop, you need to pay attention to the Webex Meeting Features as follows

  • Information about virtual meeting rooms
  • Information about the status of the recording meeting
  • The name of the speaker on the Webex will appear
  • Set who will be prioritized to be displayed
  • Layout View Settings, with this Webex feature you can set the display for the view on your laptop, the default view is the presenter, so the speaker at the meeting becomes the main display, you can also set all participants to appear on your device.
  • There is a Screen button, used to adjust the display layout either Full screen or partial screen.
  • Displaying the speaker, the meaning is by using presenter view mode, then each speaker will be seen on the main screen.
  • Mic mute button, Webex user can activate or deactivate the mic
  • Webex users can set enable or disable Camera your Laptop or device
  • Sharing content means that you, Zoom users, can share the content that you will present, the same as the Share Screen on Zoom
  • Webex is equipped with a Recording feature so that Webex users can record the meeting process while recording you can pause it while stopping recording.
  • Webex is equipped with a chat feature, so Webex users can chat with other participants or presenters
  • More option means that Webex users can set such as lock meeting, adjust audio-video.
  • Webex has a button to exit the meeting or meeting room, if you host, you will be automatically terminated.
  • Webex displays meeting participants so you can see the faces of other meeting participants.
  • Webex presents Selfview
  • Webex also provides information on the number of meeting participants who have joined or joined the meeting process.
  • Audio/video settings for the host, as a host, you can disable or enable the meeting participants.

So, Free Download Cisco Webex For Laptop


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