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How To Stream From Zoom To Youtube and Facebook

How To Stream From Zoom To Youtube and Facebook

How To Stream From Zoom To Youtube and Facebook - Using the Zoom App, you can also stream ZOOm meetings held on your Youtube channel. Participants who join you through Zoom can comment via Youtube.

There is a delay of about 20 seconds from the meeting using the Zoom or Webinar app and live streaming. Participants who join via Youtube can only comment on Youtube channels and cannot interact directly with other webinar visitors.

Things You Need

Stream for meetings

  • Pro, business, or corporate Zoom accounts
  • Hosts that already have a license
  • Zoom client latest version or 4.4.53592 if using a phone or higher if using a PC and Mac
  • Enable live streaming on Youtube.

Streaming for Webinars

  • Have a pro Zoom account, Business, education, or enterprise
  • Hosts that have Webinar add-ons
  • Client zoom version 4.0 or higher if using a PC or Mac
  • Enable live streaming on Youtube.

Account Tier

To allow all meeting participants to follow the live stream via Youtube, here are the steps you should do.

  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin. Generally, Admins have a special right to set up an account
  • Next click account management and select account settings
  • Finally switch the live streaming permissions under In meeting (advance).
  • Don't forget to enable youtube.

Start streaming directly to Youtube

You can also stream directly from a meeting or webinar. Here's how to stream live from a meeting or webinar

  • Start a meeting or webinar
  • Then select "more meeting/webinar controls"
  • Next click Live on Youtube

How To Stream From Zoom To Youtube and Facebook

  • Then you are required to log in to your Youtube account via Gmail.
  • After the identification process is successful, the page will display "Broadcast Zoom Meeting to Youtube Live"

How To Stream From Zoom To Youtube and Facebook

  • You can then specify the settings on the Youtube page
  • Click the "Go Live" button
  • You'll see a medium view in progress that tells you that your session is being prepared.
  • Wait for zoom dark lien notification that your Webinar is Live on Youtube.
  • Now you can start your Webinar
  • Streaming will stop when you end a webinar or meeting. Or if you end it live, you can stop streaming immediately. This option has meeting controls.

How to Stream Zoom To Facebook Live

You'll also need to use a paid Zoom account to use the app. steps you should take are

  • Open the official web zoom via
  • Sign in at the top right.
  • After signing in, select the meeting, and then click account management.
  • Then click account settings. Scroll down directly to find "allow live streaming meeting". Check youtube and Facebook sections.

How to Stream Zoom To Facebook Live

  • Click save to save the settings changes.
  • Sign in to the Zoom Meeting app. Then select the three dots icon in the bottom bar. Then select live on Facebook.

How to Stream Zoom To Facebook Live

  • Next, select your zoom account, then select allow to live stream zoom via Facebook.
  • finish

Zoom application is an application that is widely used by people who want to hold a meeting or video conference. This app allows you to keep working without having to face-to-face in real-time.

Many interesting features are provided by Zoom compared to other video conference applications. Even the participants who can be present at the meeting can be in large numbers. Thus this article about Zoom may be useful.