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How to Use Zoom on Mobile

How to Use Zoom on Mobile

How to Use Zoom on Mobile - When working from home, of course, we will need an online meeting application such as Zoom to make it easier for us to communicate with others.

Zoom applications can be used on various platforms including can be used on mobile phones, then, how do we use the Zoom application on mobile phones?

Using the Zoom application on a mobile phone is different from using Zoom on a PC or computer, the features can also be used differently.

Here we will summarize information on how to use Zoom on mobile phones or on android.

How to Use Zoom on Mobile

There are several features of the Zoom app for Android that we can use to keep the team compact during WFH. As reported from zoom official website, these are some functions and how to use Zoom on the mobile phone.

1. How to Install Zoom

Based on information from the Zoom site, to install the Zoom app on your android phone, we need an Android Phone with a series 5 (Lollipop) operating system or more.

Meanwhile, for phones with the iOS operating system, we must have iPhone 4 or later, with an iOS 8 or more operating system.

Next, we can download Zoom on Google Play Store or in App Store.

2. Log in to your account

After installing the application, the first way to use Zoom on mobile is to log in to the account that we already have.

All we have to do is open the app, select the sign-in menu, and enter your e-mail and password.

3. Main features of the app

Once we log in to your account, we can take advantage of various features, among which are:

  • Meet &Chat, sign in to a meeting, or set up and create a meeting
  • select start meeting to create meeting
  • select join to sign in to an existing meeting using the meeting ID
  • select schedule to schedule a meeting, either once the meeting or regular meeting
  • select upcoming (Android only) to view, change the meeting we have scheduled
  • select share screen (iOS only) to get a code so that an existing Zoom meeting can display your MOBILE screen
  • select your name to view and change your Zoom profile
  • select the "+" menu to chat or chat with one person from your contacts
  • select an asterisk to see the contacts and channels we've tagged


  • select the keypad menu to call others via mobile number or company number
  • select history menu to check incoming, outgoing, unlifted, and recorded phones
  • select the voicemail menu to listen to and delete voice messages sent to you
  • Meetings (iOS only)
  • select start to start meeting
  • select send invitation to invite others by SMS, e-mail, etc.
  • select edit to set the meeting schedule
  • select a scheduled meeting to view, change, start, sign in, or delete the meeting


  • select directory menu to select contacts you can chat with
  • select the channel menu to see channels we've starred, public channels, or private channels
  • select zoom rooms to see rooms or groups of contacts that we can invite to the meeting
  • select menu "+" to add contacts or create a new channel


  • choose your name to change your account photo, name, and password
  • select contacts to see if anyone in your phone's contacts is using Zoom, or to set up a contact add request from someone else
  • select a meeting to set up a microphone, speakers, or video when entering the meeting
  • select notifications to check notifications
  • select about Zoom to see the app version and give zoom input

That's information on how to use Zoom on mobile phones, both for Android and iOS.

Guaranteed, by utilizing this application on mobile phones, we will be able to conduct online meetings and coordinate with office friends more smoothly.

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