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Webcams compatible with Zoom | 5 Top Webcams Certified Zoom

 We are currently experiencing a pandemic, and it has changed many aspects of our lives. We can't attend classes or even go to work like we used to, but we stay connected through apps like Zoom. 

Although most laptops have integrated webcams, finding a webcam that is compatible with zoom for better video quality is not a bad idea.

Today, we'll help you find the best-certified webcam for zoom meetings to improve your video calls. It's a good idea to pay attention to important details as image quality in times like these.

Our top choice for this list is AVer's CAM520 PRO 18X USB, which is able to recognize faces quickly and autofocus almost instantly, ensuring it delivers clear images.

Most webcams today are suitable for a variety of purposes, including streaming or professional use. We know how important visual communication is, given the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll consider well-known brands and others that haven't been highlighted. 

CAM520 PRO 18X USB Conference Camera (AVer)

If you intend to use a zoom-compatible webcam for business purposes, you made the right decision. It is one of the best webcams to use with Zoom for a variety of reasons:

  • As the name suggests, it is able to zoom up to 18 times.
  • The webcam has an integrated autofocus lens, which uses optical zoom up to 12 times. Therefore, you can be sure this will give you a quick and smooth pan. 
  • The tilt and magnification performance is exceptional because it is able to capture the small details that may be present in the image.
  • The Smart Frame feature makes it able to recognize faces and autofocus instantly.
  • You can control your webcam thanks to the RS232 Integration feature. Therefore, it will be easy to synchronize this camera with the AV control panel with the appropriate port.
  • You can connect it to any computer as it is a USB device.

This is the main motive that we think this is the best webcam for zoom meetings. Not only is it capable of delivering clear images in HD (1080p, 30 FPS). 

If you decide to buy this webcam, you will make a safe investment as it is made especially for those who work from home.

If the unique features convince you, this webcam is able to provide. You can see the full specs of the CAM520 PRO 18X USB on Amazon.

CAM520 PRO 18X USB Conference Camera (AVer)

Jabra PanaCast

Jabra PanaCast is one of the best cameras designed to date. The only drawback we can find for this option is its excessive price, but it is one of the best zoom compatible webcams to date in everything else.

Some of the main features of this webcam include:

  • It's the best device for shooting. It is equipped with three separate 13MP cameras, each capable of producing real-time video stitching. Therefore, you can be sure that this will capture the entire environment if there is more than one participant in the room.
  • It is able to provide high-quality images even in rooms with poor lighting. In addition, it has an auto-zoom feature that helps the camera focus on what is relevant.
  • Not only is it one of the most suitable zoom-compatible webcams, but it is also compatible with other business programs, such as Microsoft Teams.
  • It also captures good quality audio.

This camera seems like the perfect tool for zoom meetings. The main reason why this is not our best option is its high cost, but it excels in every way.

You can find full specs and more information about Jabra PanaCast on Amazon.

Jabra PanaCast

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera 

Another good competitor on this list is Logitech PTZ Pro 2. Logitech is a well-known brand for computer accessories, and this time, they come with one of the best webcams for meeting zoom.

The main features of this webcam include:

  • It's perfect for those who need to capture the entire room in the video. In addition, the pan (260º), tilt (130º) and zoom motors make it the perfect tool to produce accurate, high-quality images that capture the entire environment.
  • This high quality is maintained even if you do close-ups (1080p/30FPS). You can zoom up to ten times.
  • You can connect it to multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. It also works very well with most conference apps, including Zoom and Skype for Business.

This camera is perfect for those who don't know much about technology. The controls are easy to use, and also within a reasonable price range.

You can find more information about Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera on Amazon.

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera 1080P HD USB Video Camera for Conference Rooms

AVer CAM340

The next option also comes from AVer, and although not as good as our top picks, the specific points make it a good purchase.

  • The camera is designed to provide the highest possible quality. It is capable of delivering 4K Ultra HD Video (remember, you must have a 4K monitor if you want to see accurate results; otherwise, there may be distortion on the image).
  • In addition, you can adjust the zoom up to four times, just like a regular camera does. It covers a 120º field of view, making it perfect for meetings where many participants sit on the edge of a regular camera's FOV.
  • Similar to our top picks, it's excellent at capturing video even in extreme lighting conditions. You'll see how accurate the color is whether you're using artificial or natural light to illuminate the room.
  • Easy to use and install. All you need to do is connect it to your PC, and the webcam will be ready to use. It's a zoom-compatible webcam but also works with other programs, such as Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts.

If all these features are not enough, it comes at an excellent price, making it very cheap. You can see more information about AVer CAM340 on Amazon.

CAM340 + 4K USB Conference Camera for Crowding Room and Webcam Video Calling

Yealink UVC30

Yealink UVC30 may not cover an area as wide as other options here, but it does offer more versatility than most alternatives. It's a premium USB camera that works better in a more enclosed environment, although that doesn't mean you should underestimate it. Here are the main features:

  • It has a wide field of view (120º) which ensures everyone sitting at the table is visible on the screen.
  • It offers several options for quality, such as 4K/30FPS or 720p/60FPS. You can also choose to use the 1080p/60FPS setting based on your preferences.
  • The auto framing feature detects everyone present in the room in a few seconds. If the API is developed, you'll see accurate statistical data about everyone in the room.
  • You can choose to install it in many places, such as at the top of the monitor or on the wall as you see fit.

This zoom-compatible webcam is one of the strongest competitors for the best webcams for zoom meetings. In addition, within the acceptable price range, which means it is a safe investment if you intend to use it for business purposes.

You can find full specs and more information about Yealink UVC30 on Amazon.

Yealink UVC30-Desktop 4K Webcam

How to Choose the Best Zoom Compatible Webcam?

If you're unfamiliar with technology, it can be difficult to choose a device that should help you during the meeting. It would be helpful if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people will be present in the room with you? 
  • Do you need to show something specific when you're streaming (i.e., boards)?
  • How accurate are the images you need?

You should find the perfect webcam for your needs based on the answers to these questions. 

Although all zoom-compatible webcams mentioned in the list are excellent in many aspects, it's a matter of preference in the end, and you'll be the one to choose the product.


Our best option remains the same - AVer CAM520 PRO. Not only is it capable of covering the widest FOV of all options, but it also maintains high-quality images even when you use the 10X zoom feature.

In addition, zoom meetings are important, especially if you're the host. It would be better if you have the right equipment every time you do a broadcast, and that includes your webcam.

We recommend buying an external microphone, although the webcam has one that is integrated (which is mostly not good).

Equipped with a good webcam, an excellent microphone or headset, and the best lighting settings, you can take your zoom meetings to the next level. You'll look professional, and everything you want them to see will be visible on the screen.

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