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Webinar with Webex Meeting

Webinar with Webex Meeting

Webinar with Webex MeetingWebinar stands for Web Seminar. Online webinars or events are one of the activities most people use to conduct online seminars, presentations, or online teaching today due to their more practical, time-saving, and cost-effective nature.

In this article, we will discuss how to conduct webinars or online events using Webex meeting application media without having to do face-to-face. Webex Meetings is a video conference app like Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Teams.

Using it is also easy and similar to other video conferencing applications. It's just that it used to be just the corporate level that uses a lot of Webex applications for online meetings or webinars. But nowadays Webex began to be widely used for personal purposes.

Before starting an online event using the Webex Meetings Application. You as the host who will hold an online event must have an account and Cisco Webex Meeting Application.

For online events with participants of more than 100 to 1000 participants and the duration of the event is more than 50 minutes. It is recommended to use a paid Webex Meeting Account.

To download the Webex Meeting application click the following link: Webex Meeting Application

Once you have an account and download the Cisco Webex Meeting application, you can already create an online event.

Steps - Steps to Create An Online Event Using Cisco Webex Meetings Application

A. Create Schedules & Invitations for Online Events

In the first step, we will set the schedule of online events and send invitations to the participants.

1. Webex Account Login

  • Go to the site
  • Click Sign-in
  • Click Webex Meetings
  • Log in with your email and password

Sign Webex Meet

2. After successful login you will be redirected to the Personal Room page and click the Schedule menu.

Room personal

3. On the Schedule a Meeting page. Fill in the following fields:

Meeting Topic: Event title

Meeting Password: Password to Join to online event

Date &Time: Event Schedule

Registration: The feature for participants who want to join must fill out the registration form first.

Schedule webex meet

4. Setup Registration Form so that participants who want to join the event must register first. Click Show Advanced Options  Registration. Mark on what information should be completed when participants fill in the registration form.

Registration Form Webex

In the picture above first name information, Email &Last Name has been marked by default by the system as a piece of must-fill information.

For additional information that must be filled in, you can add other data, for example above, we try to mark the information Job Title, Company Name &Work Phone.

5. After that, click Schedule so that the schedule has been made active and can be sent to other participants.

B. Applying Rules for Online Events (Optional)

Sometimes during an online event, the hosts have policies, including:

1. Only speakers/speakers are allowed to speak

2. Between participants should not chat, etc...

The regulation can be set by clicking Show advance options and then Schedule options.

menu advance options

advance options

Various settings in this menu can be applied during events, such as:

Automatic Recording: When the Event starts, it automatically, the event will be recorded.

Registration: Then every join event will be directed to a special page for registration.

Attendee Privileges: This setting can set what participants can do. Like chat settings si participant and others.

Attendee Privileges

After the additional settings are applied. Then we can directly click Schedule. In the Meetings menu we can see on the right side there is a menu Manage Registration and Who is Invited.

Who is Invited menu: In this menu, we can invite participants via email.


Manage Registration Menu: The settings menu of participants who have registered. We can arrange to allow or deny the registration of participants.

Manage Registration Menu

How participants or Attendee in Registering:

1. Via Invitation Email:

  • Open your Event Invitation Email and click Register.
link registration to email

  • You will be redirected to the Registration Form Page. Complete the required information.

2. Through Webex Site & Application

  • Go to Webex. com site
  • If you already have a Webex account, log in and select Attend a Meeting and browse meetings
  • If you don't already have a Webex account. On the site click
  • Enter meeting number and click Join and select Register
  • Select Register at the meeting you want to join.


input meeting number

How to Share Invitations Via Whatsapp or Social Media:

1. Click the Meetings menu, will appear a list of meetings you have created. then click the meeting schedule but do not click the Start button.

Setting Menu

2. After that will appear event info. Click the Copy icon next to the title to copy the meeting information.

Meeting information

3. After the copy then When we paste the information to WhatsApp or social media, the info will appear like this:

event online webex meeting

Notes: When on day H, to join the event the participants just click the link in the information.

C. Live Streaming to Social Media

When the online Event starts, the next thing that can be done is stream the event online to social media. This time we will give a tutorial for streaming to Facebook and Youtube.

Note: For information, live streaming from Webex meeting application can only go to one live streaming service (example: Facebook only or youtube only). If you want to stream to more than 2 platforms must use third-party software.

Before streaming here are some things to note:

  1. Webex administrator or user must enable Webex meetings streaming feature.
  2. Be sure to use the latest Webex meetings app.

How to Live Stream to Facebook:

1. Log in to the Webex application and start meeting/event.

2. Click More Options and select Start live streaming.

more option start live streaming

3. Select Facebook Live & log in to your Facebook account.


4. Fill in the parameters on the Start Live Streaming Page, after which click the Start Streaming button.

To check your event is live streaming, you can check the LIVE indicator in the top right corner of your Webex meeting page. And you can also check your Facebook page.

Start live streaming

5. To Stop Streaming, you can click the more options button and then stop streaming.

How to Live Stream to Youtube:

To be able to live stream to Youtube and other streaming services, follow these steps.

1. Log in to the Webex application and start meeting/event.

2. Click More Options and select Start live streaming.

more option and live streaming

3. For youtube and streaming services that are not listed. You can select the Other Streaming services menu.

Menu Streaming

4. After that input the Target Stream link & Target Stream key from your youtube site.

stream link and stream key

5. To get the Stream link & Stream key. Go to the Youtube site and log in with your account. Click the video icon in the top right corner and click Go Live.

6. Select the Stream menu on the left side. Then fill in the profile stream data you need. Then click Save.

Profile Stream

7. In the Stream Settings section of youtube. Copy the Stream key and Stream URL (Target Stream link) to the Webex app, then start streaming.

Stream Key dan  Stream URL

8. Your Youtube Live Stream is already running. To be sure, you can check the LIVE indicator in the top right corner of your Webex meeting page. And you can also check your youtube page.

Streaming Youtube

9. To Stop Streaming, on the Webex page, click the more option and select end Streaming. Or it can also be on the youtube page and click End Streaming. The one in the top right corner.

So few tutorials and tips from us. Hopefully, it can help you in conducting meetings or using webinars for online events using the Cisco Webex Meeting application.

Cisco Webex meeting download

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