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Zoom 5.6.0 589 Download Windows 7 8 10 32 Bit


Zoom 5.6.0 (589) Download Windows 32 Bit

Zoom 5.6.0 (589) Download Windows 32 Bit
Good news for Zoom users, Zoom has just released its latest version zoom 5.6.0 (589) on March 22, 2021, from the previous zoom version, zoom 5.5.4 (13142.0301).

Zoom is one of the applications that can be used for video conferences, meetings, video calls, webinars, and others.

Due to COVID 19, Zoom App is the most widely used application in the world to communicate with family, friends, lecturers, coworkers, and others.

Some of the Zoom features that we can enjoy are as follows:

  • Zoom has HD audio and video quality
  • Zoom can be used for free 
  • Zoom Basic can be used for meetings for 40 minutes with a capacity of up to 100 participants.
  • Zoom is also facilitated with the meeting scheduling feature
  • Zoom is also equipped with chat facilities
  • Zoom is also equipped with facilities to display all activities performed on Zoom
  • Zoom can be used in various operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, and others
  • Zoom is also equipped with a Share Screen facility

Changes to existing features Zoom 5.6.0 (589) 

Enhancement to 3-way calling for Zoom Phone 

When users are in a 3-way call and a call participant leaves the call, the call will continue for the remaining 2 users.

Enhancement to MSI/GPO option: AutoUpdate 

The AutoUpdate option will now also remove the Check for Updates button in the client when left disabled. Installing with this option enabled will provide the button in the client and allow users to check for and install updates.

New and enhanced features Zoom  5.6.0 (589)

General features

Additional MSI/GPO options 

Enable Share Clipboard during remote control -EnableShareClipboardWhenRemoteControl

Disabled by default, if enabled it will turn on "Shared Clipboard" in remote control

Hide incoming calls while in meeting - HidePhoneInComingCallWhileInMeeting

Disabled by default, if enabled it will prevent incoming call notifications while you are in a meeting.

Meeting/webinar features

Enhanced device testing for Epic integratio

Users that join a Zoom meeting with their healthcare provider from Epic’s patient portal will now be able to test their camera, speakers, and microphone on their device. The clear pass/fail results are shared with their healthcare provider, informing them of any technical issues they may have in advance of their Telehealth visit.

Additional authentication option: Users in my account 

An additional authentication method can be selected, requiring users joining your meeting or webinar to be signed-in to their profile within your account. This option is in addition to the existing authentication profiles: users who are signed into Zoom, users who are signed in to selected email domains, and users who are externally authenticated.

Webinar features

Additional attendee view controls 

Attendee view layout controls will also be available in the Participants panel, under More. This is in addition to the attendee view controls available in the View options.

Enhanced practice session and live webinar notifications 

Notifications regarding if your webinar is still in a practice session or life will be visible to all panelists, as well as the host.

File transfer for webinar chat 

Webinar hosts and panelists will be able to send files in chat. To send or receive files, users must be on version 5.6.0 or higher.

Chat features

Enhanced search filter: @me mentions 

Chat searches can be narrowed to just include results containing mentions of the person who is searching.

Search in channel within channel options 

The option to search within a specific chat channel can also be selected directly in that channel’s information panel, directly below Add Members.

Easier emoji selection 

After entering ‘:’ and two or more letters, available emojis matching that description will be shown. For example, entering “:jo” will provide the following matching emojis: :joy:, :joy_cat:, :joystick:, :majong:, and :black_joker:

Phone features 

Power Pack experience

If users have the PowerPack add-on, they can view phone lines and use in-call controls from a small panel that’s always on top of other applications. Phone users can also quickly find contacts and view their missed calls and voicemail.

Call monitoring for shared line groups 

If enabled by the admin, shared line group members who are monitors can listen, whisper, barge, or take over calls received by or sent to the shared line group.

UI enhancement for unknown location notification 

If nomadic emergency service is enabled by the admin, users will see a red notification icon in the Phone tab if they haven’t enabled location permission. The icon also appears when support for personal locations is enabled and users are currently in an unknown location

UI enhancements for calls forwarded through auto receptionists 

Calls forwarded through auto receptionists are labeled with the auto-receptionist display name to make these easier to identify. This applies to incoming call notifications and call/recording/voicemail history.

Copy direct phone number 

Users can easily copy their direct phone number from their profile card or phone settings.

Recover call history, voicemail and recordings 

If enabled by the admin, users can restore their soft-deleted history, voicemail, or recording within 30 days. After that, it will be permanently deleted from the account. This feature needs to be enabled by Zoom.

Bypass waiting room when elevating call to meet

When users elevate a current phone call to a meeting, the other call participant will bypass the waiting room if the waiting room is enabled for everyone and the bypass option is enabled.

Update emergency address 

Users can set and update their emergency address directly in the client. Previously, users could only update using the web portal.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue with video virtual background regarding the video being flipped or rotated 
  • Resolved an issue regarding removed webinar attendees trying to rejoin and incorrectly receiving a message that they cannot rejoin due to declined registration 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding adding additional wildcard domains for authentication profiles 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding error 103033 when trying to join a meeting
  • Fixed an issue where the outbound caller ID was incorrect if the user’s default caller ID was set to a phone number that belonged to a shared line group

Zoom 5.6.0 589 Download Windows 7 8 10 32 Bit


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