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Zoom App Download For Windows 7


Zoom App Download For Windows 7 As long as Work From Home is still valid, video conferencing is an option for most people to coordinate work. One of the video conferencing applications that can be used is Zoom.

Zoom is a communication app using video funds that can be used on a variety of devices both mobile and desktop.

Zoom works on Windows, both Windows 7, 8, and 10. Zoom can also be used on macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

The advantage of the Zoom app is that it can accommodate up to 100 participants in a single session. In addition, the sharing screen feature allows all participants to see each other's screens during WFH.

Zoom itself offers several service plans for its users. Some are free, some are paid. For the free plan, the duration is limited to a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting session.

While the paid plan allows you to get more complete features and unlimited time.

This is done by signing up for a Zoom Pro or Zoom Business plan. The price of the package starts from 14 US dollars.

Once the download is complete, install the Zoom app on your laptop. After that, create an account in using email. 

Once your account is active, you can already use the Zoom app for meetings and other work interests.

Zoom App Features Are

1. HD video and audio

By using this app, you don't have to worry about the images and audio produced. Because Zoom application has been supported with high definition quality or often called HD. 

In addition, the Zoom app can also support up to 1000 participants and 49 videos on the screen.

2. Built-in collaboration tools

Multiple users can share screens simultaneously and co-author notes for more interactive meetings with collaboration tools from the Zoom app.

3. Security

When it comes to security, users don't have to doubt it anymore. Because this application has been supported with end-to-end encryption for all meetings that have been scheduled through the Zoom application. 

In addition, there is also password protection until the user's security becomes more secure.

4. Recordings and transcripts

Meanwhile, users can also record meetings conducted with Zoom and store them on their respective devices in use or on cloud accounts. 

Furthermore, the recording can be found easily if you need it again. Also, read Zoom's Response to User Data Security and Privacy Issues.

5. Scheduling features

The app also has a scheduling feature to start meetings. In addition, you can also start a meeting through your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal account.

6. Team chat Chatting with groups is easy.

Meanwhile, conversation history can also be easily searched, integrated file sharing, and archives can be stored for ten years.

This makes it easy for users to make calls from one user to another or group calls. To use the app, you can use both computer and mobile devices.

Users can download the Zoom app on both iOS and Android devices under the name Zoom Cloud Meetings. 

As reported from the Zoom website, every meeting conducted with the Zoom app will have a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number referred to as the meeting ID.

Users will be prompted to enter it to join the Zoom meeting. If you're joining by phone, you'll need the teleconferencing number provided in the invitation.

Zoom App Download For Windows 7


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