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Zoom App For Windows 7

Zoom App For Windows 7

Zoom App For Windows 7
Zoom is one of the applications that can be used for video conferences, online meetings, webinars, and others.

Zoom can be used on a variety of operating systems be it Windows 7, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and others.

Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan, a former executive at Cisco Webex in 2011.

Zoom in 2017 became one of Unikorn's companies because Zoom became a widely used application for Video conferences.

Features of Zoom App For Windows 7

  1. Zoom has HD video and audio facilities
  2. Zoom has a chat facility that makes it easy for participants to give messages to other participants.
  3. Zoom also has a background change facility that can be changed to the user's liking
  4. Zoom has a share screen facility that makes it easy for users to present their ppt slides
  5. Zoom has the facility of creating invitations that can be scheduled automatically
  6. Zoom has a recording facility that we can use to record all online meeting activities.
  7. Zoom is divided into two namely, Zoom basic and Zoom Pro.
  8. Zoom basic has a 40-minute video conference facility with 100 participants
  9. Zoom Pro has a 24-hour video conference facility with over 1000 participants.

5 Advantages of Zoom Meeting App

1. HD video

One of the advantages of Zoom is that it provides good video quality. Zoom users can use Windows 7 or Mobile clearly with HD quality so that users can use Zoom well.

2. Safe Mode Feature

Zoom features a safe mode which means it helps Zoom users who are on the go or under certain conditions. So that users can safely follow meetings from various obstacles.

3. Easy to Invite Friends

When a user uses Zoom, they can easily put a friend into the meeting room using an invitation or a link to social media.

4. Providing Cloud Services

Zoom has a Cloud feature, so Zoom users can save Videos into the Cloud and can watch whenever they want to see them.

5.Supports All Platforms

Zoom can be operated on all platforms, be it Windows 7, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Making it easier for users to still communicate even through different platforms.

Zoom App For Windows 7

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