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Zoom Download For Windows 7

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Download For Windows 7
Zoom Download For Windows 7

Zoom Download For Windows 7 - Zoom Meeting is a video-based communication application. This application is classified as a flexible application because it can be accessed via Android, iOS, and websites.

Thus, it makes it easier for users to use it on smartphones or through computers.

This app is made by Eric Yuan in 2011 and is currently headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Zoom Meeting application is often used as a tool for remote meetings, especially with video.

With the Zoom Meeting application, a meeting can be done with a total of 100 participants. The maximum duration of the meeting is 40 minutes when using a free Zoom account.

However, if you need a meeting room with a maximum number of participants out of 100 and a duration of more than 40 minutes, the Zoom account owner can switch to a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account. To use the account, the price offered is around US$ 14.99.

In terms of video and audio quality, Zoom Meeting application is held up as an application with HD or high definition quality.

Regarding its security, the Zoom app has begun to tighten security by using end-to-end encryption and password protection for stronger security.

Zoom Meeting also supports recording and transcript features. This feature is capable of recording meetings that take place and those recordings can be saved to your device or via the cloud. Thus, the recording can be played back to find out the content of the meeting that may not be clear.

Through the Zoom app, users can set a schedule to start a meeting and can start meetings through other accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCal.

Zoom Meeting does have many excellent features as a means to conduct meetings via video conference.

History of Zoom Meeting

Zoom since its founding in 2011 by Eric Yuan has become a well-qualified video communication-based company and a row of high-end companies.

This is not surprising because the Zoom application is now a favorite of many people, especially for online meetings.

The founder of Zoom himself is a billionaire who is listed as the richest person in the world according to Forbes.

With such a great achievement obtained by zoom company and its founder, of course Zoom also went through many journeys that put him in his current position.

Eric Yuan has established Zoom for nine years with a value of US$ 35 billion. Since Zoom began to be widely used by workers during the pandemic, Eric yuan's wealth has increased by 112% to around US$ 7.57 billion. Well, speaking of zoom history, surely will not be separated from the role of its founder.

The founder of Zoom is actually a Chinese-born, precisely Shandong province 49 years ago. Eric Yuan's history of education is applied mathematics and engineering. After graduating from college, Eric Yuan moved to Japan to work for four years.

However, after working in Japan, Eric Yuan felt challenged to emigrate to the United States. More precisely he moved to California's Silicon Valley working in a start-up company. Eric Yuan's beginnings in creating Zoom were inspired by his story with his current wife.

At the time while in the lecture bench, he was quite difficult when he was going to meet his girlfriend because of the considerable distance.

It took at least 10 hours of train travel to get to her boyfriend's place. With such a long distance, they can only meet at least twice a year.

At that time, he had thought about a device capable of connecting people remotely with video. Surely the device will be very helpful to many people who are far away.

During the development of the zoom application, Eric Yuan thought that this application could be a good option for companies in reorganizing their company policies. For example, once a week there can be work in the house.

However, Zoom Meeting has also been forged by the bad news of security or privacy. Security issues include Zoombombing, which is an uninvited participant infiltrating the meeting.

This privacy issue has alarmed many schools in the United States and prohibited the use of Zoom. In addition, the Attorney General of New York has also sent a warning letter to Zoom about poor security.

The FBI has also warned that Zoom is particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks, asking its users to be extra careful.

Currently, Zoom is determined to solve the security problem that can be said to be quite precarious. In fact, last April, Zoom temporarily suspended the feature renewal process for 90 days. The stoppage is intended to allow Zoom to focus more on security issues.

How to Register a Zoom Meeting

To be able to access Zoom, of course, the first thing to do is to sign up for an account in Zoom Meeting.

Registering in Zoom Meeting itself is very easy and can be done through the Zoom application on smartphones or via websites that can be accessed on a computer.

For more details, let's look at step by step how to register for the following Zoom Meeting.

1. How to Register for Zoom Meeting Through Website

Here are the steps you can follow to register for Zoom Meeting:

  • Visit website;
  • If you have already logged in to the page, please click the Sign-Up button;
  • After clicking Sign Up, next you will be redirected to fill in the email. Make sure the email you used to sign up for a Zoom account is an active email;
  • Next, please check your email inbox and look for the email sent by Zoom;
  • Usually in the email there will be the words "Activate Account", click the button and later you will be redirected to the browser to create a password;
  • Then, create a Password as you wish, also make sure the password you create is strong enough. Try to create a password consisting of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols;
  • If you have created a Password, then your Zoom account is active;
  • Once the account is active, you can try it by Signing In by entering your email and password.

2. How to Register for a Zoom Meeting Via Smartphone

After knowing how to register zoom meetings through the website, registering Zoom meetings can also be done through your smartphone.

In fact, the way is no less easy than creating an account through the website. Of course, this method is more practical because users only need to install the Zoom application and follow these steps.

Open the Zoom Meeting app that is already installed on your smartphone;

  • Click Sign Up on the screen;
  • Next, enter your email address, first name, and last name;
  • Don't forget to click on the Term of Service or approval of the Zoom service;
  • Then, click Sign Up;
  • Please check the email you used to register to check if the activation link has been sent by Zoom or not;
  • If you have, then click "Activate Account" in your email inbox;
  • In this next step, the user will be redirected to the browser to type the password;
  • If the password has been entered, the Zoom account has been created and means that your account is active;
  • To log in to your Zoom account, please click Sign In and enter your email and password.

So, it's easy not to sign up for the Zoom app either via the website or the app on your smartphone?

Users only need to set up active email and password only and can enjoy the use of Zoom for meetings and other purposes.

How to Use Zoom Meeting

For Zoom users who need to join a Zoom meeting room or host a meeting, it definitely requires a tutorial using Zoom.

Well, here will be presented the steps to use Zoom for meeting participants and hosts.

Before going to the steps section using Zoom, please note that Zoom requires an internet connection.

Also, try to check that the camera and audio devices on your computer or smartphone are running properly. This is so that there are no interruptions during the meeting.

1. How to Use Zoom Meeting for Hosts

For Zoom users who host a video conference, there are a few steps that need to be taken to invite participants.

For convenience during the meeting, the hosted user is advised to use a laptop or computer only. For further steps can be seen as follows.

  • Open the Zoom app and click "Start" to start a meeting or video conference.
  • Then, click "Invite Others" and invite other participants using email or by copying the link listed in the app.
  • Wait until all participants enter the meeting room.
  • For security purposes, the host can use the "Lock Meeting" feature in the Security menu.
  • If the host wants to record the meeting that took place, click the Record menu and the meeting will be automatically recorded and saved to the device storage in mp4 form.
  • When the meeting is complete, the host can end the meeting by clicking "End Meeting" located at the bottom right. In this "End Meeting" menu there will be "Leave Meeting" and "End Meeting for All" options. Hosts can choose as needed whether they want to leave the app first or end the meeting for all participants.

2. How to Use Zoom Meeting for Participants

Meanwhile, for participants who want to join a meeting, you can do the following steps.

  • If a participant wants to join a meeting without Signing In, then click Join Meeting or Join Meeting on the app.
  • Then, enter the desired meeting ID number and display the name.
  • If you have already signed in to the Zoom application, then participants simply click Join Meeting and enter the meeting ID. However, if you want to change the display name can also be done.
  • Participants can set whether to enable audio or video. In addition, participants who need to ask something can use the "Chat" feature in the application.

That was a glimpse of the Understanding of Zoom Meeting and How to Use the Zoom Application. This popular app does offer a lot of convenience during this pandemic.

However, zoom users are advised to update the application more often if there are updates.

This is intended for the security of using Zoom from the presence of Zoombombing and other security issues.

Zoom Download For Windows 7


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