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Cisco Webex Meeting Download

Cisco Webex Meeting Download

How to Use Webex Meetings Face-to-Face Application

We will share our experiences on how to optimize the Webex Meetings application to increase productivity in collaborating with colleagues, especially if we cannot come face-to-face during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On this occasion we will experience how to optimize the Webex Meeting Application to increase communication productivity, working with colleagues, especially during COVID 19 conditions that require us to work from home.

For now, we can subscribe to Webex meetings for free for personal use with the service of 100 participants with a duration of 100 minutes usage. Corporate Use can use Webex Meeting for 3 months for free.

What are Webex Meetings?

Webex Meeting is a face-to-face application, which can be used for audio and video conferencing, web conferencing, and also sharing content to be presented, the content of the presentation can be in the form of images, audio, video, or applications on our devices.

How Do I Register as a Webex Meetings Account?

There are 2 ways to use Webex Meeting:

  1. Corporate Use, i.e. by subscribing to Webex accounts, can be through various services around us.
  2. Personal Use by Signing Up and follow the steps, as shown below:

Signing Up webex

Please follow the instructions on the link by filling out our data form, and remember to always use an active and valid email, because during registration we will get a notification to confirm that it goes to our email.

Then activate immediately by clicking the create password button, and the account will be verified successfully.

How to Download Webex Meetings App?

We can download the Webex meeting application here or we can download the Webex Meetings application on smartphones both iOS and Android through Play Store or Apps Store with keyword Webex Meetings. Once we download, install the application on your laptop or smartphone.

download webex

We can download Webex Meeting App easily here or we can download the Webex Meeting application on a smartphone be it iOS, or Android through Play Store and Apps Store by typing the Webex meeting keyword.

After we have successfully downloaded the Webex Meeting application, please install the Webex Meeting application on your computer or smartphone.

Webex Meetings Interface Application

Here is how the web version of the Webex Meeting application looks by going to the URL in our browser application and logging in with your existing username and password.

Webex Meetings Interface Application

How Do I Create Schedule Meetings?

Login to our Webex account via We can copy the link meeting in the Webex information link, or create a schedule that is scheduled by selecting "schedule" and then follow the steps below:

Schedule Meetings webex

We can join the Webex meeting by clicking on the link sent by email by Webex Meetings and the meeting invitations will get the following notification:

join the Webex meeting

Webex Meetings App Features

Webex Meetings App Features

1. Virtual Meeting Room Information

With this button, we can see information about web conferencing address information, where there is a URL link, meeting number information, password to enter the meeting room.

2. Recording Status Information

This icon indicates that the meeting is in recording status so that if at any time we need information from this meeting, we can access it at any time.

3. Speaker Name

The information at point 3 is the name that is talking, so we can know who is currently talking.

4. Setup Priority View

With this icon, we can set who we will display in the priority view.

5. Setup Layout View

Setup Layout View webex

With this button, we can change the view for our view layout, the default is presenter view, so the speaker will be the main view, or we can also change all attendees to be visible, for example changing the view so that all meetings participants can be seen.

6. Screen Key

This button serves to change the layout of the display either full screen or partial screen.

7. Speaker Display

With presenter view mode, each active speaker will be visible in the main view.

8. Mute Mic Button

With this button, we can enable or disable our mic.

9. Enable/Disable Camera button

With this button, we can enable and disable our camera.

10. Sharing Content

Sharing Content webex meeting

Sharing Content webex meeting

When meeting using Webex, we can share the content that we will present specifically according to the application or our entire layer. Here's an example when sharing content sessions with participants.

11. Recording

With this button, we can record our meeting, at the time of the record, we can also pause/ pause, or stop recording it.

Recording webex meeting

12. Chat

We can also persistent chat to either the personal or the entire participant.

13. More Options

We can do additional settings such as lock meetings, audio-video options, meeting link information from this button.

14. Exit Meeting Room button

With this button, we will be confirmed whenever going out of the meeting room, if we as a host, the automatic meeting will be finished, if we as participants may still be a meeting.

15. Meeting Attendees View

We can see the faces of meeting participants in this layout.

16. Selfview Display

The 16th point of view is the look of ourselves.

17. Meeting Participant Information

For point 17 is a list of names of meeting participants who attended.

18. Video/Audio Setting for Host

As a host, we can enable video from meeting participants.

Key Webex Meetings Features

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions webex Meeting

This feature allows us to create small meeting rooms inside the main meeting room. So it is possible to create small group meetings for discussions. 

To find out more information about the tutorial using this feature. We can visit the Breakout Session article.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Webex Meeting

We can live stream to Facebook, Youtube, and other streaming sites easily with this feature when meeting. Curious how to live stream easily.

Remove Background Noise

Remove Background Noise Webex Meeting

Meeting in café or outdoor area, but lots of annoying noises around? Now it's no problem anymore with Cisco Webex's Remove Background Noise feature. 

With cisco's AI technology, Webex Meetings can distinguish the user's voice from the surrounding sounds. 

So Webex will eliminate the annoying sound in real-time to keep the user comfortable when meeting. Visit the following Webex Video Link Regarding Noise removal.


Record Webex Meeting

We can record a meeting session, watch Back or share footage of our meeting with other participants.

To be able to see the recording results, we can see it in the recorder menu in the Personal Room si recorder. To enter the personal room how:

  1. Go to > Sign in > select Webex Meetings > Enter your username and password.
  2. In Personal Room select the recordings menu.
  3. Then we just select and click the result of the recording that we want to see again.

result recording webex meet

Share Content

Share Content webex Meeting

This feature allows participants to show files, apps, videos, and whiteboards as well as anything on our device screen to other participants.

In this feature, we can choose to optimize the content that we display according to the existing options. For images will be optimized to be clear and not blurry, and videos will be optimized to smoothly and display when played.


Polling webex meeting

We can poll to vote or do questionnaires when with online meetings.

Virtual Background

Virtual Background Webex Meeting

With virtual background, we can customize the look of our background when meeting with the image we want.

Faq About Webex Meeting

Where can I download the Webex meetings app?

We can download the Webex Meetings application here

Do I need to have a Webex account to start a meeting?

Yes, we need an account to host to start or create meetings.

Is Webex Meeting free?

Webex accounts are free and some are paid.

What is the difference between a free and paid Webex Meetings account?

Free accounts have a 100-minute time limit and 100 participants, while paid accounts have no time limit and can join meetings of up to 1000 participants. 

Can Webex Meetings be integrated with 3rd Party video and audio devices?

can. FYI Webex also has a series of video conference devices called Roomkit that can maximize audio and video to enhance our online meeting experience. We can try using Webex Meetings + Roomkit devices at an affordable cost with the TryWebex program.

Does each participant have to install the Webex meetings app to join the meeting?

For join meetings, participants who use Desktop/Notebook can join through the browser so there is no need to install the application. For participants who use mobile phones need to install the Webex Meetings application.

How is the join meeting different between browser (web application) and desktop/mobile application?

The difference is in the features. The Desktop/Mobile Application feature is complete, while the Web Application Feature is more limited, for example, the layout and virtual background features are not present on the web application.

Are participants required to have a Webex account to join the meeting?

There's no need. Only hosts need a Webex account.

Can I create a registration form?


What is the average bandwidth for Webex meetings?

Usage when the full video is about 1.5Mbps, but averages at 30kbps – 600kbps.

Can I subscribe to a Webex account per month? 


Cisco Webex Meeting Download


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