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Get to know Webex Breakout Session & Co-Host

Get to know Webex Breakout Session & Co-Host

Get to know Webex Breakout Session & Co-Host - You've never been to a live or offline event. Well in the event you must also have encountered several more events in it, where there are not only the main events but there are other events as events that enliven the main event. 

For example, in the health talk show, there are free medical check-ups, healthy gymnastics classes, herbal workshops, and various other related events. 

But sometimes it's a companion event held together in each tent so you have to choose one of the events you want to participate in or even you move around to follow everything.

Another example at the event such as furniture making workshops, in the event, the main event is a talk show with the voters of famous furniture businesses, while for the side event there are several booths containing teaching classes.

For example, one booth is a table-making class, then another booth for cabinet making class, and many others.

Well, that's about offline events with main events and side events. But, did you know that if it's an online event, you can also create an illustration of the event as above? You can use the Webex breakout session to make it happen.

this is a very possible feature for both hosts and co-hosts to create side events within the main event, but there is indeed little difference. Well to know more, this article will discuss the Webex breakout session & co-host let's see the discussion.


Knowing About Webex Breakout Session & Co-Host

If the event is offline, participants or participants can directly join or enter and exit to the desired side event, but at the online event, they are unable to join directly to the side event or breakout session. 

That's because only Hosts &co-hosts can get participants or participants to join the Breakout Session. So, if you as a participant want to join one of the breakout sessions, you must provide info to the host or co-host via chat or registration form first. 

In events that use the Breakout Session feature, there are sometimes some people who co-host. They are tasked with helping the host organize the online event. For example, one co-host arranges one or more breakout sessions.

Webex Breakout Session

The breakout Session feature can be obtained in Webex Meetings WBS version 40.9 and later. This feature has several characteristics, such as communication in the form of chat and video between participants that can only be done if the participants are in the same breakout session.

participants who can not enter or move to breakout sessions at will because there must be help from the host or co-host to be able to move, and only the host or co-host can create or set breakout sessions. 

In this Webex breakout session &co-hosted article, there are several ways to create a breakout session. Here's how it is.

How to Create a Webex Breakout Session

1. Start Webex Meeting first then click Breakout -> Enable Breakout Session

Enable Breakout Session

2. After that, click Breakout Session under the panel or Breakout Session Assignments menu at the top.



Then a Breakout Session Assignments window will appear. Then you can fill in the number of breakout sessions to be selected for the selection of participants, you just select Create Assignment. 

3. After that will appear a breakout session assignment window that is larger than before.

Here you can select Add Session to add Breakout Session and choose the desired participant. Select the participants you want to move by clicking Move to Session. Then swap, delete or move participants, you can choose to Move to, exchange or remove.

If you want to delete the breakout session settings that have been created, you can select the Reset menu. In the Settings menu, you can make more specific settings regarding the rules in breakout sessions. In the settings menu itself, some of the settings that you can use are as follows:

Breakout Session Assignments

  • Allow Attendees to Return to Main Meeting whose function allows participants to exit the breakout session and return to the main meeting room.
  • Allow Attendees to Join Breakout Session Later whose Host/co-host function provides commands for assign participants to breakout sessions. While on the side of the participants will appear a dialog box for them to request to join.

Join Later on the Breakout session

  • Automatically Close Breakout Session After whose function limits breakout session time.
Menu Settings WEBEX

Show countdown warning before closing sessions at This menu serves to display the countdown before the breakout session closes.

4. If you have finished setting up or moving participants select Start Breakout Sessions after which the name of the participant who participated in the breakout session will appear. 

partisipan breakout webex meet

Role of Co-Host in Breakout Session

In online events that use breakout sessions, it can be ensured that usually the event is quite large and attended by many people. Therefore, there is a sufficient number of event organizers to organize the event. 

Because the person who hosts an online event can only be one person, therefore we can multiply the Co-Host. What can co-host do in organizing events in breakout sessions?

  • Create a Breakout Session and set the Breakout Session timeout
  • Entering, removing &moving participants from breakout sessions
  • Send a broadcast message to all participants
  • Free entry and exit from breakout session

Co Host Breakout Session Capability

Thus the discussion about getting to know Webex breakout session & co-host. Hopefully useful for you.

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