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Get to Know Webinar Definitions and Their Types

Get to Know Webinar Definitions and Their Types

What are Webinars and Their Types?

More and more parties are hosting webinars. Of course, it is a good sign because a lot of new knowledge is given to the community and industry players. But do you know the definition of a webinar and its type?

Yes, actually the definition of a webinar is quite interesting to discuss. Especially for those of you who really want to host a webinar. In addition, this type of webinar turns out there is not only one. There are several interesting types to discuss so you know the difference. Without lingering, check out the full explanation below.

What is a Webinar?

The definition of a webinar may already be a lot to know. Basically, webinars are short for web seminars. By utilizing technology, you can easily provide seminars online.

Especially in the midst of pandemic conditions like today, it is advisable to stay at home rather than go outside. Want from the seminar makers or participants. This is what finally makes webinars more worthy to choose from at this point.

To be able to run webinars, of course, you create a video conference platform with the help of various other devices for maximum results. Similarly, the internet network is fast so that participants do not feel interference during the running of the webinar.

Webinars are very tech-dependent. Fortunately, access to each technology is getting wide open. More and more people know how to follow webinars easily. In addition, the video conference platform is also easy to use. So from two sides, the use of technology has been fulfilled and support each other.

Types of Webinars

1. Web Conference

Of the two types of webinars on this list, web conferences are the most popular. All webinars are held live with participants from tens to hundreds, which can be referred to as web conferences. 

Indeed for the number of participants can not be predicted how much for each webinar. However, if the webinar you are hosting meets the criteria for the number of participants as described above, then you have created an online seminar with a type of web conference.

2. Web Broadcast

If a web conference is like a webinar that can be held, what is the difference with web broadcast? There's a pretty stark difference actually. If the web conference consists of participants with the number of tens to hundreds, in contrast to the web broadcast of a minimum of 1,000 participants. 

If there is a webinar with a number of participants above 1,000, then it can be referred to as a web broadcast. In carrying materials, topics, and others can be said to be the same between the two types above. But what distinguishes it is in terms of the number of participants.

So that's the explanation of the definition of a webinar and its type. To run webinars smoothly, you can take advantage of the best-in-class video conferencing platform. The solutions that can be offered are Zoom and Cisco Webex.

Zoom is a video conference application with a high level of security also has many features that make your video conference event even more exciting.

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Cisco Webex is the highest security video conferencing platform and has the most features to make webinars even more fun. 

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