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How To Live Stream On YouTube Using Webex Meetings And OBS

How To Live Stream On YouTube Using Webex Meetings And OBS Free video customization and get the most out of the online meeting experience by live streaming on YouTube using Webex Meetings and OBS! YouTube live streaming is one of the interesting options to enrich your online meeting experience. 

This review will discuss in full how to live stream on YouTube using Webex Meetings and OBS.

Why use Webex Meetings and OBS?


You can already live stream with the Webex meetings application only. But combining it with OBS or Open Broadcast Software will get you plenty of customization options for streaming videos. 

There are many video display customization options to choose from. With OBS, you can add running text, transition effects, and many other things to your liking. Therefore, combining Webex Meetings and OBS will make your live stream extra exciting. 

How to use Webex Meetings and OBS for live streaming

There are a few simple steps you can take to start a YouTube live stream with Webex Meetings and OBS. Here is a tutorial to run it. 

1. Get a YouTube Stream Key 

Before starting a live stream, you must first obtain a Stream Key from YouTube. How are the steps to get it? 

  • First of all, you need to go to the YouTube site and log in with the account you already have. 
  • Next, click the video icon located in the top right corner of your YouTube page. 
  • Then, you can click the Go Live option.
  • Once you've done that, you can select the stream menu located on the left side. 
  • From here will appear your stream profile form. Fill in the data according to the form and press the save button. 
Profile Stream

Next, in the stream settings section, you'll find the stream key. Copy the stream key you have obtained so that you can later enter it into the OBS software.

Stream Key & Stream URL

2. Start Webex Meetings 

webex meeting

Of course, this is the second procedure you need to do before finally starting a live stream. If you do not already have this application software, please download and follow the stage of using Webex Meetings at this link. 

To open a meeting with Webex, you just have to click start meetings in the application. Then wait for participants to join Webex Meetings. You also don't have to change any settings anymore. 

3. OBS Window Capture and Start Streaming 

obs app

Before starting a live stream, you must first open the OBS software. You can download the software at this link if you don't already have one. Then, you should follow these steps: 

  • First,  activate studio mode by pressing the same-named button at the bottom right of the app. 
  • Next, you can click on the "+" sign located in the source menu located in the middle of the application. 
  • After that click the window capture option. 
  • A pop-up window will pop up asking you to create/select the source. Select the create a new field and fill it with the source name with Cisco Webex Meetings. After that just press the OK button. 
creat source

  • When you've successfully performed all of the above steps, a properties window will appear. The content is a source that we will capture in a live stream that is a Webex meetings application. 
  • Make sure you have selected Cisco Webex Meetings in the window column before finally pressing the OK button. 
Properties for Webex Meetings

  • This way, your Webex Meetings view will appear in the OBS application. 
  • Next, you can set up the Webex Meetings view in a variety of ways. To set the size of the screen you want to capture, you can click on the red line in the app. 
Preview  Webex Meetings on OBS

Not only that, but you can also crop the view by pointing to the red line and right-clicking + alt keys together and holding. Then adjust your screen size.

Fit View Webex on OBS

  • Once you've customized the view, you can click settings and select a stream. Fill in the parameters as follows: 

Menu Setting & Stream

Service: YouTube – RTMP

Server: Primary YouTube Ingest server

Stream Key: Copy and paste the stream key you have obtained. 

If all the filling is appropriate then you just have to press the OK button. 

  • The last step to start a live stream is to press the start stream button. Move to the YouTube page and see the results. 
Live Streaming on outube

The three steps above are a way to live stream on YouTube using Webex Meetings and OBS. Easy isn't it? Get the most out of your online meeting experience by Downloading Webex Meetings.

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