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How to Transfer Files with Webex Meetings

How to Transfer Files with Webex Meetings

How to Transfer Files with Webex MeetingsWant to meet and collect documents, but COVID-19 still haunts? You can follow how to transfer files with Webex Meetings without having to leave the house.

In pandemic situations like today, many companies and schools use online meeting applications to come face-to-face.

If you want to collect important documents without having to leave the house, you can take advantage of how to transfer files with Webex Meetings. Webex meeting is an online meeting application that can be accessed either through your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

This application can be used for free for personal use with a maximum of 100 participants and a duration of 100 minutes of use.

How to Transfer or Share Files During a Meeting

If during the meeting you want to send files to other participants, Webex Features can help you do it easily. Here are the steps to perform a file transfer with Webex Meetings:

1. While the meeting is in progress, in the meeting window please click "file" then select "transfer". A file transfer window will appear afterward.


2. Select "share file" then the "open" dialog box will appear on your screen. Then choose what files you want to send or share with other participants. You can also transfer more than one file.


3. Select "open". The file will then appear in the "file transfer" window. The file will also appear in another participant's "file transfer" window and the status is shared which means it is being shared.


4. After that on the participant side will appear the File Transfer menu as well. When the menu appears, participants can download the files that have been shared. In the File Transfer menu, we can also see the status of the file whether we have downloaded (Available) or not (Not Saved).


5. By Default that can do File Transfer only si Host. Co-hosts and another attendee cannot perform File Transfer (Transfer Menu will be disabled). 

But here the Host can give privilege or the right to be able to do File Transfer to anyone. So when training the host can set privilege to the trainer to do File Transfer.


By sharing files with Webex Meetings, you can provide complete information to other participants that you most likely can not convey during the meeting last. To get the file, participants can also download it easily.

After reading the article How to Transfer Files with Webex Meetings, it is not very easy not how to transfer files with Webex Meetings? Hopefully, your online meeting experience will be better by using the Webex meetings application.


How do I transfer files using Webex?

Publishing Files During a meeting in the meeting window, select File >Transfer. Select Share File. Select the file that you want to publish. Select Open. (Optional) Publish additional files that you want attendees to download. 

Can you upload files to Webex?

You can upload files or folders from your computer to your Box account and then choose to share these files in a space. In the message area, click Attachment, and then select Share from Box. Click Add, select Upload, then drag and drop your files and click Upload. 

How do I attach a file to a Webex meeting?

Select one or more files that you want to share, and then tap Send. Drag and drop the file into the message area or click Attachment to select a file. Then, press Enter to send the file.

Where does Webex Save meeting files?

Webex stores all your recorded meetings either locally on your computer or in the cloud. You can access your recordings and share or download them at any time you need. If it's not your meeting, reach out to the host of your meeting to get the recording.

Are private chats saved in Webex?

For more information regarding video-centric recording, go to Video-Centric Network-Based MP4 Recordings in Webex Meetings and Webex Events. Solution: Private chat messages are not captured in a Network-Based Recording. Only chat messages sent to everyone will be captured.

Can you access Webex chat history?

Note: If the chat is not saved or a meeting is closed accidentally, the chat history cannot be retrieved.

Where are Jabber files stored?

On Cisco Jabber for Windows, files are received to MyJabberFiles, located in the Chat archive location specified in Chat settings. On Cisco Jabber for Mac, files are received to Downloads within the Mac file system. Jabber for Mobile files is stored based on device settings and preferences.

How do I check my Webex history?

Meetings show a Webex address (for example, bsong@<company name>....1Go to and select All to see all the calls or meetings you've had or select Missed to filter by the ones you've missed.2Hover over an entry and select Call to call right from the call history.

How do I retrieve old Jabber messages?

"Easy enough...exit Jabber. Navigate to C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\History and find your database file []Right click on the file and select “Restore previous versions” restore the most recent database file available back to the above directory. restart Jabber.

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