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How to Use Zoom Properly

How to Use Zoom Properly
How to Use Zoom Properly

How to Use Zoom Properly - Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing applications in some circles such as entrepreneurs, students, and employees. However, some people still do not understand how to use Zoom well.

The Zoom app is very helpful for us because some of us are required to work or study from home and some may also be out of town.

When there are issues to discuss, we can do a video conference or online meeting with colleagues, lecturers, bosses with the Zoom application.

So how do I use Zoom to the fullest? In the following, we will discuss how to use Zoom well.

How to Join Instant Meeting

When we're about to join the Instant Meeting Zoom, we first need to download the Zoom app here.

After downloading Zoom, here are the steps to join an instant meeting:

1. Open the Zoom app

Please open Zoom first on your desktop or mobile phone.

2. Click Join Meeting

Click Join Meeting

We can directly Click Join Meeting, as shown above, then we will be taken to another form to fill in the Meeting ID so that we can directly join the Meeting or Video Conference.

If we do not have a Zoom account we can also join a video conference or online meeting.

However, if we don't already have a Zoom account, we can sign up first.

How to Use the Zoom Feature

Zoom is very much a feature, we can take advantage of these features to organize online meetings with colleagues or others.

Using Zoom, we can rearrange the schedule of meetings or meetings regularly, record online video meetings, and other features.

1. Set a Meeting Schedule

We can schedule a meeting whenever we want by using Zoom.

But keep in mind, when arranging the schedule of meetings needs to be ensured that the schedule is following the other meeting participants.

  • To set a meeting schedule is quite easy:
  • Open Zoom and sign in
  • Click the calendar icon
Meeting Schedule

Select the meeting settings, then we will be displayed with a screen like this

Organize everything from the topic of conversation, date, video, audio, and calendar to use. after everything is set, then just click Schedule.

2. Reset the meeting schedule

meeting schedule

With Zoom we can reset the schedule of weekly, monthly, and other meetings regularly. The trick is very easy, it is necessary to make sure we have given a check in the recurring meeting column as above.

The table above will appear when we click on the profile, then to the meeting settings option.

In this setting, we can get two benefits presented by Zoom.

First, we can collect all calls in one container, then later we can set them up whenever we want to have an online meeting.

Second, we can set the call to reset in the same URL. So, when we invite other people or participants later, then we don't need to create a new URL.

3. Run Meetings Without Video

With Zoom we can also conduct meetings without any video, but only sound. The trick is quite easy, we just need to select the "start with no video" option on the Zoom homepage.

  • After selecting that option, we can start the meeting with the options:
  • Audio Conference: Meeting Without Video Or Sharing Content, Audio Only
  • Share Screen: Share Content With Audio, Without Video
  • Invite Others: We Can Invite Others To Join The Meeting

That's about how to use Zoom to the maximum so that we can set the schedule of meetings and so on.

How was your experience using Zoom for online meetings? Is it smooth enough? Or do we find certain problems?

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