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Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications
Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications - The first impression of seeing this motorbike is that its design is different from the others. It has a mini trail design. This motorbike also has the same design and engine power as other trail bikes, although, with this mini motorbike design, it is a motorbike that has quite capable capabilities, many in the community. 

Automotive lovers collect motorbikes with mini trail designs from Kawasaki, even though this mini motorbike design has many enthusiasts.

Many of the Otomotif friends think this motorbike is just a toy, but if you look at the specifications it will look very macho, even though it has a mini trail design, but for the problem of the engine this motorbike has a power that is not inferior to a motorbike with a standard size, having an engine with a capacity of 110 ccs already reflects the strength This tiny motorbike, many say that this mini motorbike is produced for children, but in fact, many adults do.

With transmission specifications similar to a semi-automatic duck motorbike, even though to raise the gear we have to pry the pedals, a motorbike made for children who like to ride the trail, especially for children who want to join the raider trail like their parents, although in addition to targeting children this motorbike can also be used by adults even though this motorbike is not allowed to be used on the street because it can be invisible to car or motorbike users.

For the problem of spear parts themselves, it has started to be sold in various countries, although it is not too easy to find components from this motorbike, there are many color choices on offer from this tiny motorbike, it is noted that there are 5 color choices offered by Kawasaki motorbikes, here is a review of Kawasaki specifications.

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications
Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Machine Kawasaki KSR 110

  • Engine Type: Single 4 Stroke Air Cooler
  • Maximum Torque: 8.6 NM / 6000 rpm
  • Maximum Power : 8.6 PS / 8000 rpm
  • Carburetor: Keihin BP18
  • Diameter X step : 53.0 x 50.6 mm
  • Cylinder Volume: 111 cc
  • Ignition System: Digital DC-CDI
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1

Dimension Kawasaki KSR 110

  • LxWxH : 1,725 ​​x 725 x 1,020 mm
  • Empty weight: 94 kg
  • Wheelbase : 1,170 mm
  • Lowest distance to ground: 225 mm
  • Tank capacity: 7.3 liters
  • Trail: 73 mm

Frame Kawasaki KSR 110

  • Front Suspension: Telescopic Inveted
  • Rear Suspension: Single Shock
  • Front Brakes: 22 mm disc Nissin
  • Rear brake: 180 mm disc Nissin
  • Front Tire : 100/90-12 49h/tubless
  • Rear Tire : 100/90-12 49h/Tubless

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Design And Dimension Kawasaki KSR 110

With a mini design that makes this motorbike only weighs 94 kg with the lowest distance to the ground 225 mm, of course, it is the ideal distance from a trail bike, even though it has a mini body but has no effect on the gasoline capacity it has, with a gasoline capacity of up to 7 liters, it makes you not need to refill gas frequently, even though this motorbike is specifically for children but if we look at the starter method, this motorbike does not use an electric starter and only uses a kick starter.

With a mini body, this motorbike has a unique design, the shock that is given a red accent makes this motorbike seem frightening, especially when combined with white, it doesn't stop there, the striping design on this motorbike can also be said to be quite macho, with accents. The matching and macho colors can already describe the strength of the striping of this motorbike, the hand lamp design is no less interesting than other trail bikes with hand lamps that have a charming design.

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Engine Performance Kawasaki KSR 110

Carrying an 11o cc engine with a mini body, of course, this two-wheeled vehicle can go at a sufficient speed, especially with 4 stroke engine technology with a maximum power of 8.6 hp per 8000 rpm with a maximum limit of 8.6 per 6000 torque. rpm, it can be concluded that although the Kawasaki Ksr mini motorbike is able to run well, this motorbike can run well even though it is driving on a flat road or vice versa.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the starter method, even though this motorbike is specifically for children, but if we look at the starter model which only uses a kick starter, this will certainly make it difficult for the user, especially if this motorbike is used by children who like the hobby of trail bikes, with a body the mini plus the engine capacity of 110 ccs is enough to devour the asphalt of the road or dirt bike tracks, although this motorbike is not recommended to drive on the highway because the body is too small.

Kawasaki KSR 110 Specifications

Frame And Suspension Kawasaki KSR 110

With a telescopic suspension on the front, it is enough to make the rider comfortable using this motorbike, and the application of the second single shock suspension of the Kawasaki KSR suspension is a suspension that is also used by other Kawasaki motorcycles, with this suspension it makes the rider feel more comfortable using a motorbike, especially motorbikes. This is also often used for dirt bike activities, plus the placement of the rear shock which is placed more tilted.

With the braking system using disc brakes at the front and rear as well as the use of smaller tires, namely two sizes of 100/90-12 49j/tubeless and 100/90-12 49j/Tubeless on the rear tires, the use of tubeless tires is also considered very suitable with a motorbike that can be ridden in two fields like this Kawasaki KSR, with a mini body this motorbike has been equipped with suspension and a good frame, especially since this motorbike is a trail bike.

Electricity Kawasaki KSR 110

By using the Digital DC-CDI type ignition system, it is considered very qualified for this motorbike, especially if you, at a price of around 23 million automotive friends, can already feel this mini trail bike, it doesn't feel wrong if Kawasaki gives a supersport bike emblem on this motorbike because even though the motorbike is small it has excellent engine power and performance, it's just that the weakness of this motorbike is in the type of starter that only uses a kick starter.

Complementing his Street Models Motorcycle series, Kawasaki now presents a SuperSport Mini concept motorbike which he calls the Kawasaki KSR 110. This Kawasaki KSR 110 has an air-cooled, 4-stroke Single engine with a 2-valve SOHC Valve System. You can adjust this powerful engine with four different speed levels with a maximum power of 8.6 PS / 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.6 N.m / 6000 rpm. Not only powerful, but this Kawasaki motorbike is also very agile and agile in maneuvering with the use of 30 mm Telescopic front suspension (inverted) and Single Shock rear suspension.

Not only is the engine brutal, but this bike also has the perfect design for use in all terrains, whether it's a challenging off-road atmosphere or a bustling city atmosphere. This motorbike itself has a high distance to the ground of 225 mm which will try any road without worrying about the motorbike crashing into the obstacles beneath it. 

Meanwhile, the aerodynamic body is obtained from the High Tensile Steel type frame made of Alloy which not only gives the impression of fierce and manly but also light and agile on the streets. Interestingly, the motorcycle with a 200 mm front brake NISSIN Disc Brake and rear 184 mm Disc Brake NISSIN brake is also equipped with a soft seat with a capacity of two people and a 7.3-liter fuel injection fuel tank that will provide a comfortable adventure without worrying about running out of fuel midway.

Strengths and Weaknesses Kawasaki KSR 110

Kawasaki KSR is counted as a hobby motorbike, because of its high price and small dimensions. However, this mini motorbike still has advantages and disadvantages.

The sensation of driving makes us unable to stay still on the motorbike. Even though it can't go fast, it's very reliable for stop and goes and the suspension is also soft.

The drawback of KSR is the price of original spare parts is very expensive and must pivot. In addition, splashes from the front tires to the rider's feet are also unavoidable when passing through a wet road surface.

The driving sensation provided by KSR is different from other motorbikes in general. In addition, according to him, KSR is also one of the motorcycle collections. "The driving character presented by this motorbike is quite fun. The default is always happy when riding this motorbike. Its maneuverability when in traffic jams is also unmatched.

For a rider with a tall stature like himself, driving a KSR can get sore quickly, especially when driving long distances. But, daily driving is still comfortable. Another drawback is the price of fast-moving spare parts, such as brake pads, which are quite expensive.

KSR performance when driven up to 80 kilometers per hour can cause vibration. In fact, the vibration can be felt up to the handlebars. "This vibration occurs in all KSR models, both the KSR110 which is without a clutch, and the KSR Pro which uses a clutch.

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