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Optimizing Webex Meetings For Webinars


Optimizing Webex Meetings For Webinars

Optimizing Webex Meetings For WebinarsWhen we want to hold webinars but the software is expensive? But don't worry about optimizing Webex meeting pad features for webinars.

At a time when the advancement of internet technology is increasingly sophisticated, almost all activities are done virtually.

Especially now that the world is being hit by COVID 19, where everyone is required to work from home, learn from home, and all activities that cause crowds should be done virtually, this is done to help suppress the spread of the Covid 19 Virus.

We can use Webex Meeting to conduct an event that is small scale, with a small number of participants, so it is easy to get to know each other and easy to organize online meeting activities.

But if the activities are large scale such as webinars, then it is necessary to set the discipline in the webinar for smooth webinar activities.

Suppose during the webinar some participants accidentally turn on the microphone to interfere with the speakers and webinar activities.

Not only that, the challenge for attendees is that Webex event licenses are more expensive than Webex meeting licenses, not to mention for paid events. 

Well for the solution, you can by optimizing the Webex meeting feature to work like a Webex event. To find out more, here's a discussion of his tips and tricks:

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Webex Meeting Features

1. Turn off the Entry and Exit Tone

Entry and Exit Tone

When you create schedules, in the advanced options section, you can drop down the audio connection option, after which change the entry and exit tone to no tone. This is so that when the event takes place and there are new participants join there will be no notification sound so it does not interfere. 

2. Enable Automatic Recording

Automatic Recording webex

So that you do not forget to record when meeting, you can set the recording to run automatically when the event starts by enabling automatic recording when scheduling. You can select the scheduling option, then check in the automatic recording

3. Enable Automatic Lock

Automatic Lock

You want the meeting room to be automatically locked and avoid intruders when meeting, you can activate it when creating schedules. Choose the scheduling option then check the automatic lock and set room meeting time. 

Well here, participants who join when the room is locked aka tone in the lobby and need approval from the host or co-host to be able to enter the meeting room. 

4. Optimize Attendee Privilege

Select the Edit Meeting Option section and Edit Attendee Privilege, then change it as below:

  • Single note-taker for one co-host only responsible in the event as a meeting registrar.
  • File Transfer and UCF Rich Media for Attendees to remove checks or check to save participant traffic to the host.

file transfer webex meeting

  • Share content to disable so that participants can not share any content so that the event can run smoothly. 
  • View Participant List, you can disable it so that participants can not see each other and only focus on the event.
  • Control Application, Web Browser, or Desktop Remotely, you can disable it because participants do not need it.
  • Other Participants can also be disabled so that participants do not chat with each other so that just focus on the material.
webinar webex meeting

5. Scheduling Events

When all is done, you can save it as a template or directly scheduling the event.

scheduling the event

Optimization During An Event

Make sure before the event, if a clear role or role has been shared by the committee, for example, who will organize the participants and others. 

After that, the next step is to determine the rules of the event or event for speakers and participants so that they understand that things that can and should not be done, such as conducting private chats with moderators and so on. 

Now that you've made sure that everything you need is as above, next is how to optimize the Webex meeting features as it progresses:

  • Make sure that the host has delegated multiple users to the co-host who helped organize the event. You can right-click the name of the person who later becomes a co-host and then select Change Role – Make Co-Host.
Make Co-Host webex

  • In the Participant menu, make sure that the Anyone Can Share and Entry and Exit Tone menus are unchecked. Just check the Mute Upon Entry section. It was intended so that participants could not share content, participants who entered and entered the room did not issue a notification, then when participants entered the audio in a mute state.

Participant webex

  • Make speakers as co-hosts and make as presenters to share content as a privilege for them.

partisipan webex meet

  • When the speaker explains the material, the co-host should pin the speaker view so that when another voice comes in, the focus on the main view remains on the speaker, click the pin mark on the participant thumbnail, then select Everyone. Then choose the speaker that will be pinned to the display.
lock video webex meeting

If during the event there are participants who do not comply with the rules by un-mute themselves, the host or co-host can mute all so that all regular participants can be in a state of mute again.

mute all webex meet fiture

In the Q&A session, moderators should allow participants to Raise Hands if they want to ask or answer. Participants one by one are welcome moderators to ask questions via audio or chat following the order of raise hands.

raise hand webex meeting

Move the disorganized participants to the lobby by right-clicking the participant – Move to Lobby.

kick partisipan webex meet

Thus the discussion about optimizing Webex Meeting Features. There are many other interesting things in the Webex Meeting app. You can contact us to find out more about this app.

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