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Remote Work Optimization with WebexOne

Remote Work Optimization with Webex- OneGet an online meeting experience that feels 10 times better than face-to-face interaction, with cisco's WebexOne only.

With our recently launched WebexOne, you'll get an online meeting experience that feels 10 times better than face-to-face interaction. Now, Webex has more features that let customers work from home safely and enjoyably.

Not only that, all these features can be obtained through a platform that has been integrated with a high-security system while having built-in insights. 

Here are some new features you can get only on WebexOne

WebexOne is an app that makes it easy to call, send messages, and meet face-to-face online with high security. 

Through this artificial intelligence app, you can get a safe and inclusive online communication experience for everyone.

Webex Gesture & Emoticon

  • You can participate in WebexOne in your way. This is possible because Webex AI will easily recognize your body language.
  • You can use multiple templates to start a meeting, for example, round table meeting templates and quick synchronization
  • No need to worry about language limitations, WebexOne now provides real-time translation features in more than 10 languages.
  • Reach more viewers with interactive events. You can invite more than 25 thousand participants, as well as provide live event streaming to 100 thousand viewers.
  • The immersive share feature lets you use a presentation, video, or app as a dynamic background that blends into your videos. This will certainly make your work presentation more interesting. 
  • Not only that, WebexOne also equips customers with more advanced video layout settings. You can customize unlimited views on your own.

As part of Webex's commitment to continuously update its features, Cisco has announced an intention to acquire Slido. Because Slido itself can provide a best-in-class audience interaction platform.

With Slido, Webex customers can increase their engagement with the audience even before, during, or after an event begins.

Webex Desk: Make Desktops More Flexible at An Affordable Price

Webex Desk Series

The new Webex desktop device is guaranteed to transform your desktop into more flexible. And this you can get at an affordable price by everyone who is working at home alone or even hybrids.

  • Webex Desk Camera: Ultra-HD 4K video, premium performance under any lighting, and a cloud with simple management.
  • Webex Desk Hub: This tool can make meetings easier while allowing you to see your short messages and schedules.
  • Webex Desk: An all-in-one smart screen that integrates with online meeting features and can also serve as your main monitor screen.

Webex Contact Center Is Now Smarter in Serving Customers

Webex Contact Center

Built on the latest generation cloud-based platforms, Webex Contact Center 2.0 delivers intuitive service when customers report constraints. Powered by the latest AI system you'll get contextual 'Super Agents' as part of a full-service package for customers.

In addition to the launch of Webex Contact Center, we are also pleased to announce the acquisition of IMImobile, a UK-based company. IMImobile is a cloud-based communication and software, service provider. The company also provides services that make it easier for a business to communicate with customers.

Built-in Insights from Webex

Built-in Insights from Webex

People Insights powered by the Webex Graph makes it easy for individuals, teams, and organizations to build relationships and drive inclusivity. You'll also get a personal insight feature that will help you keep an eye on your productivity by monitoring how you spend your time. Furthermore, the team insight tool can help organization leaders identify opportunities for more inclusive collaboration.

New Update on Webex App Hub

Webex App Hub is an integrated system application that makes it easy for users and IT parties to simplify workflows in a meeting.

In addition, we will also announce plans to integrate features with many popular names such as Box, Salesforce, Dropbox, Workplace from Facebook, ServiceNow, and Miro.

Webex Control Hub serves as a command center for management, analytics, and troubleshooting functions. With this app, organizations can monitor connectivity between employees and the security of corporate data.

The app's capabilities include:

  1. End-to-end encryption: this encryption ensures the security of your identity when connected to the cloud, records meetings, and performs transcriptions.
  2. Features to prevent data loss can be obtained across Webex platforms. You can activate it at any time even when the meeting is finished.
  3. Ethical Walls sets limits to maintain the confidentiality of data between groups.

Webex Meetings Desktop App Download

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