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Room Capacity Alert Cisco Webex Meeting App

Room Capacity Alert Cisco Webex Meeting App - The transition process to work back in the office as before the pandemic is a concern for many organizations and employees. 

Recommendations such as masks, strict cleaning schedules, and maintaining social distance need to be considered to ensure that all parties are safe.

For an agency or organization, meeting rooms are where they collaborate and channel ideas, unfortunately with this pandemic, meeting rooms can become a new cluster when the people gathered do not comply with health protocols.

Then how can we remind them wherever they are? So that we can control the number of people in a room with room capacity alert technology automatically.

All cisco Webex Room Series Video Conference devices have been equipped with People Counting (room capacity alert) technology automatically since it was first launched, this feature is used as an additional feature for speaker tracking and also best overview.

But it does not stop there, this feature can continue to be developed for conditions like ours today, with a little configuration in the macro editor that has been prepared for Webex.

Reminder display on Cisco Touch 10 devices, when a room exceeds capacity
Reminder display on Cisco Touch 10 devices, when a room exceeds capacity

Reminder view on the video conference screen
Reminder view on the video conference screen

At first, I thought that to display this automatic alert notification will take a long time and effort, but then I realized, that the cisco video conference device has a macro editor feature that can be used directly and can solve many cases, at least to display automatic messages either on the "touch 10" control screen or video system, in fact, you need less than 10 minutes to perform this setup on a video conference device you.

First of all, you need to access your video conference device through the web or your Webex dashboard management, and also download the macro script file that we will use as a reminder message on the following web:

Once you can log in, select the integration menu – macro editor.

View after you access a video conference
View after you access a video conference

After that it will appear like the following page:

Macro editor menu view

Select Import from the file, then pastes the code file you have downloaded from GitHub.

In this section, you can specify the maximum capacity of the room and also how long you will display the message, in this case, the maximum room will be as many as 4 people, and the message will be displayed for 20 seconds, either on the screen or on touch 10.

const maxPeople = 4; Not to exceed occupancy for this room

const alert time = 20; Time in seconds to display an alert on-screen and touch 10

When you're done, click save, and your room capacity will be monitored automatically by the video conference device.

In addition to displaying messages automatically, you can also make your Webex room series device display campaigns about keeping distance as well as other health protocols during standby mode with existing digital signage features such as the example below:

room capacity webex 2

Hopefully, this article about room capacity alert can help you in designing a new workspace in the new normal era.

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