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Webex Meetings Desktop App Download

Webex Meetings Desktop App Download

Webex Meetings Desktop App Download - Webex is one of the best video conferencing apps that companies can use. The quality and benefits of Webex Meeting features are considered to have slick performance. 

Indeed, most companies prefer to start holding meetings directly at the office. It is no longer effective. According to The Wall Street Journal's research, 40% of office employees waste nearly 30 minutes each day just looking for a meeting room.

In addition, during this pandemic, the decision to hold a meeting in the office of course also presents a variety of dangerous risks. Therefore, we will explain what is Webex, then what are the features of Webex Meeting and its advantages of other video conference software.

What is a Webex Meeting App?

Webex Meetings Desktop App Download

Before reviewing the advantages and functionality of Webex Meeting features, we need to discuss first what Webex Meeting is.

Running the Capterra page, Webex Meeting is a platform designed to help businesses collaborate from all industry sectors.

This cloud-based software consists of several applications, such as Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Webex Device. 

Webex itself is a combination of Cisco Webex's web conferencing platform and Cisco Spark's team collaboration applications.

The service rebranded and changed its name to Webex in April 2018 to centralize Cisco's collaboration portfolio.

Webex was formed to assist the communication flow of all departments within the company through video conferencing and screen sharing features. 

Webex Meeting also allows employees to use emojis to express opinions, embed important messages, and organize meeting agendas on their unified UI. 

Not only that, but Webex also offers filters to eliminate noise in the background of meetings, real-time language translators, and transferring audio calls to video meetings.

Webex Meeting Features

Webex Features

Like Zoom, Webex is the best video conferencing tool that comes with a variety of unique features.

Although not as popular as its competitors, the features of the Webex application are guaranteed to be no less qualified and able to boost the productivity of its users.

Well, what are some features of Webex that you should pay attention to? Here's the full explanation.

1. Breakout sessions

Visiting the PCMag page, one of the best features Webex has is a breakout session.

This one feature can greatly help the purpose of a multi-team meeting, training session, or webinar. 

Users can start with a video session, then break up participants into several smaller teams.

Each team can discuss more detailed topics in different virtual meeting rooms. After the talks are over, all participants can be reunited in the main meeting room. Interesting isn't it?

2. Emoji support features

The next feature you can only find in the Webex app is emoji. Yes, maybe for you emojis have no place in the professional world. That's not the case.

While emoji aren't considered too important in a virtual meeting, they're still fun and useful for expressing emotions or reactions in large meetings.

Uniquely, with Webex, users don't have to look for the emoji they want to use.  With just a hand gesture, Webex will automatically send the emoji in question to the user.

3. Noise suppression software

According to Dispatch, the flagship feature of the Webex app is the noise-canceling or background noise filter.

This noise cancellation software has been in video conferencing applications for a long time. However, Webex now offers more advanced noise removal features since acquiring BabbleLabs in September 2020.

By developing BabbleLabs' noise-canceling technology, Webex is now able to get you in the dark without worrying about background noise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Webex Applications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Webex Applications

As we explained earlier, Webex is one of the best online meeting software that you can use.

It has some advantages that you won't get from its competitor apps. Even so, Webex is not the perfect software. It also has some flaws that you need to know.

Well, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of the Webex application according to Ujara Trust Radius.


  • Provides high-quality audio and video sharing features.
  • The meeting results will be recorded automatically so that they can be accessed if you miss important points that have been discussed.
  • Webex's content sharing feature works powerfully.
  • The platform provides advanced security on content shared via calls using advanced encryption technology.


  • Access through the web version is sometimes problematic. 
  • If your internet connection speed is low, the content sharing feature will not have good quality.
  • The UI is quite difficult to understand. Webex also does not provide instructions for use.

That's a quick explanation of the Webex application and its advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.

In essence, Webex is one of the best online meeting software that you can use right now.

However, to be utilized to the maximum, make sure in advance whether the features and advantages are appropriate to your needs or not.

Well, besides Webex, there are other online meeting applications that you can take advantage of from home.

Webex Meetings Desktop App Download


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