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Zoom 5.6.7 1016 Download Windows 32 Bit

Zoom 5.6.7 1016

Zoom 5.6.7 1016 Download Windows 32 Bit

Zoom 5.6.7 1016 Download Windows 32 Bit - Good news for Zoom users especially for Windows users, also just released the latest version of Zoom 5.6.7 1016 on June 7, 2021.

From the previous version Zoom 5.6.6 961 on May 25, 2021.

Zoom is a company engaged in communication technology services or services located in San Jose California United States.

Zoom is a cloud-based communication service application that offers video conferences, online meetings, webinars, services remotely.

Zoom application was founded by a Chinese - American named Eric Yuan. Eric Yuan is an engineer who once worked for a company called Cisco Webex, which is almost the same company as Zoom itself because Cisco Webex is an application that offers communication technology.

Zoom became one of Unikorn's companies right in 2017, and in 2020 when the whole country obliged its People to Work From Home then that's when many people in the world made Zoom as an application to meet face-to-face online.

Features of Zoom 5.6.7 1016 Windows 32 Bit

  • Zoom has HD quality audio and video features
  • Zoom has a chat feature that makes it easy for users to send messages to other video conference participants
  • Zoom has a recording feature that makes it easy for users to record all meeting or video conference activities, which will be available for meeting or webinar participants who have not had time to attend.
  • Zoom has a background change feature that makes it easy for users to change the background as they see fit
  • Zoom has a meeting scheduling feature, which makes it easy for us to schedule meetings and makes it easy for us to send meeting invitations either by email or by social media.
  • Zoom also has a raise hand feature that makes it easy for us to ask questions or want to interrupt in a meeting.
  • Zoom also has a share screen that makes it easy for us to present our ppt slides.
  • Zoom basic provides a 40-minute video conference service with a maximum of 100 participants.

New and Enhanced Features Zoom 5.6.7 1016 Windows

Meeting/webinar features: Active Apps Notifier 

When someone in a meeting or webinar is utilizing any app that has access to real-time content or personal information during a meeting, participants are given real-time notice of usage. Details of which apps have access and which participant is using the app are displayed, and clicking on the app opens the Marketplace page to provide more information.

Note: This feature is dependent on a web release scheduled for June 14, 2021, and will not visible until then. 

  • Resolved Issues
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements

Therefore, there are many Zoom features that we can enjoy for free or for a fee. If you are interested please download Zoom.

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