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How to Meet Online with Webex on Laptop

How to Meet Online with Webex on Laptop
How to Meet Online with Webex on Laptop

Some time ago, the news of 'Zoom Bombing' was reported by the media crew because of the leaking of personal data from its users. Not wanting to take any chances, some people then switched to another video conference application that could cover their needs.


One alternative to choose from is Webex. Why is that?  way of meeting online with Webex is very simple to do.

Helped by a variety of features that are easy to find and use users, can run the application without encountering any significant obstacles.

Arguably easy, actually how the hell to meet online by using Webex?

How to Meet Online with Webex on Laptop

  • Download Webex app on laptop
  • Join Webex Meeting as Guest
  • Start Joining a Meeting
  • log in to The Webex Laptop Application
  • Start Creating a New Meeting Room
  • Make sure the Video and Audio Connection
  • Invite Friends to the Meeting Room
  • End a Meeting in the Webex Laptop Application

Advantages of Cisco Webex

Basically, Cisco Webex, also known as Webex alone, is one of the video calling applications similar to Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype.

Compared to other video calling apps, Webex has several advantages:

The ease of being able to join any type of meeting or event

Allows its users to use hands-free voice commands with Google Home Hub and Google Assistant features

Easy for users to join directly from customized widgets or calendars.

You can also schedule a meeting or play a recording directly from the Webex app.

Can arrange the layout of the video according to each user's preferences, needs, and desires.

Can share the screen with people who are members of the conference call.

It has noise detection features and mute suggestions that can be applied to make video calls without encountering any interference.

How to Meet Online With Webex

Maybe before you were still unfamiliar with this video conference application. Well, Cisco Webex Meeting itself is a video conference application that was conceived by a veteran developer named Cisco.

When you compare Webex with Zoom, both have features that are arguably similar and quite helpful during the government's work from home and school from home programs.

Some features that are considered similar to both are the availability of multiplatform application forms. This means it can be used on any device, be it Android smartphones or IOs, even with PC and laptop devices. In addition, both Webex and Zoom can be used for free and can accommodate about 100 participants in one meeting.

Then how do I run this Webex application? Interested in finding out more? Check out the reviews below!

How to Use Webex on Android & iPhone

Some people prefer online meetings on smartphones than on computers. The reason is simple, more concise, and can be done anywhere.

Whether it's Android or IOS, you can follow the Webex app on your smartphone as shown in the steps below. 

First, download the Webex app on your smartphone. if you're using Android, you can jump directly to the Google Play Store app to find it. But when using IOs, you can download them through the App Store.

If you are a meeting participant, you can join immediately without registering first. Simply press the 'Join Meeting' menu.

Then enter the URL that was previously shared by the Host, as well as the name and email address. If you have, click 'Join'.

If you want to host a meeting in Webex, you must first log in. Simply click the 'Sign In' menu available on the main page, enter your email address and password. Then click 'Next.

Next, to create a new meeting room, you just have to press the 'Start Meeting' button. Then first arrange the video and audio according to the preferences and needs of the meeting to run. When appropriate, immediately press the 'Start' button.

Next, invite a friend or meeting participant to join. The trick is very easy, just click the 3 dots button at the bottom and look for the info menu. There, you can copy and share the URL along with your existing Meeting Number.

After successfully creating an online meeting room using the Webex application, it turns out that you can also change the background to beautify your webcam! Even for Webex versions on IOs though. In addition, you can activate the front and rear cameras at the same time.

When the Meeting is complete, all you have to do is press the X button and click the 'Leave Meeting' option to leave the conference room.

How to Meet Online with Webex on Laptop

Some meetings sometimes require 'Screen Sharing' to support the presentation being done. For this reason, you can run the Webex application on a laptop or computer that already supports microphone and webcam features. More detailed information related to how to use Webex on PC is as follows.

1. Download Webex Application On Laptop

Just like the first step in using Webex on your smartphone, you'll need to download this Webex app first. To be able to download it, visit the official website of Cisco Webex and look for the download menu on its main page.

2. Join Webex Meeting as Guest

When you choose not to register a Webex account, you can use the Use as Guest option available on the first page of the application. Then enter your name and email address, followed by pressing the 'Continue as Guest' button.

3. Start Joining a Meeting

After that, a new window will open. Enter the URL link shared by host in the 'Join a Meeting' field. Then, click 'Join' to enter the conference.

4. Login To Webex Laptop Application

If you're playing host, enter an email address that was previously registered. Then click 'Next'.

5. Start Creating a New Meeting Room

In a new window that appears, select the 'create a new meeting' menu. Next, press the 'Start a Meeting' menu which is usually located at the top of the Webex application.

6. Make Sure the Video And Audio Connection

Make sure the video and audio connection is first before joining the meeting. Whether they can function properly or not. If you think it's appropriate, click 'Start Meeting'.

7. Invite Friends to the Meeting Room

The task of a Host in addition to setting up a meeting room is to invite meeting participants. To do so, all you have to do is share the URL link and Meeting Number that you can get by pressing the 'i' icon on the left side of the Webex app window.

8. End a Meeting On a Webex Laptop Application

To end and leave the meeting room, press the red X icon in the upper-right corner of the app page.

That's a series of online meetings with Webex using smartphones and PCs that you can emulate. how? It's easy enough, isn't it?

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