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Cisco Webex Meetings Download For Windows

Cisco Webex Meetings Download For Windows
Cisco Webex Meetings Download For Windows

Cisco Webex Meetings 

Cisco Webex is a company that focuses on video conferencing application services in the United States. In 2017 Cisco was founded, after Cisco acquired Webex. Cisco Webex is based in Milpitas California.

Cisco Webex can be used on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Cisco Webex offers the Cisco Webex Meetings service for free and for a fee. 

The striking difference between free and paid is that it includes the number of participants, the capacity to store recordings, to analytics.

Main Features of Webex Meeting

  • Breakot Session is a feature that can be used to create a small meeting room inside the main meeting room.
  • Live streaming: The live streaming feature can be used for live streaming on Facebook, YouTube and other streaming sites. 
  • Remove Background Noise: The Remove Background Noise feature can eliminate annoying sounds in real time so that Cisco Webex users are comfortable in carrying out meetings.
  • Recording: The Recording feature in Cisco webex can be used to record meeting activities.
  • Share Content The Share Content feature can be used to show all forms of files, applications, videos and whiteboards and whatever is on the screen of the device you are using to participants.
  • Poll: You can conduct polls to take votes or conduct questionnaires when with online meetings.
  • Virtual Background: With a virtual background you can customize the appearance of your background when meeting with the image you want.

Advantages of Cisco Webex

  • Cisco Webex can be used in various electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Cisco Webex provides unlimited meeting services and provides 1 Gb free cloud for record meeting needs.
  • Cisco webex provides virtual workshop management services
  • Cisco webex is equipped with analytics that can be linked to exchange or google calendar
  • Cisco webex provides high security
  • Video on Cisco webex screen sharing can be up to 30 Fps

Disadvantages of Cisco Webex

  • Cisco Webex can be purchased in Indonesia using the services of their partners only.
  • Webex Meeting and Webex Teams are separate platforms
  • Cisco Webex is an application that is heavier than other video conferencing applications due to its high security system.

Cisco Webex Meetings Download For Windows

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