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Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows Download

Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows Download
Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows Download 

Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows Download - Cisco Webex meeting is a program that can be used for remote video conferencing. Cisco Webex meeting works on Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Cisco Webex meetings can also be easily used on PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Cisco Webex meeting is a quality communications technology company. Therefore, using Cisco Webex meetings, you should use good internet, so you don't have problems.

In Cisco Webex meetings we can use pictures and videos to connect with each other during the session.

However, so that not much bandwidth is used, you should turn off the camera, communicating should only use voice. Cisco Webex meetings can keep a contact list so that the next meeting can be started efficiently.

Cisco Webex meeting features

  1. Breakout session, with this feature we can create small rooms in the main meeting room
  2. Live Streaming, with this feature we can broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube, and other applications.
  3. Remove background noise, by using this feature, we can eliminate distracting noises, so we can do video conferences comfortably
  4. Recording, with this record feature we can record our activities at the Cisco Webex meeting, and after that, we can send the recorded results to other participants or stored them on our laptops.
  5. Share content, with this feature we can display files, or ppt presentations, videos, images, or whatever is on our laptop.
  6. Election, with this feature we can vote during the video conference.
  7. Change background, this feature is the same as the Zoom feature, namely we as users can change our background according to our wishes.

Conduct video conferences from Windows devices using Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Meetings using a simple interface, and allowing us to configure broadcasting can already be reasons for choosing Cisco Webex Meetings.

After knowing the information about Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows, we can download it at the link below:

Cisco Webex Meetings For Windows Download


  • We've resolved the following issues:
  • You couldn't open the context menu using the shortcut keys in some places in the app.
  • In the calendar tab, the font for the meeting information icon wasn't the correct size.
  • Some tooltips weren't localized.
  • Some focus areas in the settings window were inconsistent.
  • You couldn't paste some formatted text that included links.
  • When you used your keyboard to navigate the app, you couldn't access some context menus.
  • When you used Webex for Government, Microsoft Outlook meetings didn't appear in the app.
  • We resolved the following issues when you use Meetings in Webex:
  • When you joined a meeting by clicking on a link from outside of Webex, your audio, video, join options, and virtual background setting in the Webex app didn't persist.
  • If you were signed in to Webex and you joined a meeting from Outlook, you were asked to sign in.
  • We resolved the following issues when you use Webex Calling or Calling Hosted by a Service Provider: When you called into a meeting using a paired multiplatform phone, you'd get disconnected during the meeting.
  • When you called someone using a phone number and then transferred that call to another person, the title of the call window was incorrect.
  • Call duration incorrectly included ring time.
  • You couldn't merge a call to make it a conference call.
  • We resolved the following issue when you use Calling in Webex (Unified CM): UcLogin crash was registering Log Provider.
  • The emergency services disclaimer was incorrectly formatted in French