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Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) Download For Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit

Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) Download For Windows
Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) Download For Windows 


For you Zoom users, there is good news for you because Zoom has just released the latest version of Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) on August 30, 2021, from the previous version of Zoom 5.7.6 (1055) which was released on August 23, 2021.

Zoom is an application that provides remote video conferencing services. Zoom provides a free video conference service for 40 minutes with the number of participants reaching 100 people.

If you want to use a video conference service for more than 40 minutes, you can use the paid ZOom service.

Zoom can be used on various operating systems such as Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android. Zoom is also easy to use on electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs, laptops, or tablets.

Zoom features

  • Zoom has a share screen feature that makes it easy for users to Zoom PPT slide presentations.
  • Zoom has HD audio and video quality
  • Zoom has a raise hand feature that makes it easy for Zoom users to ask questions or interrupt.
  • Zoom has an automatic invitation feature that makes it easy for Zoom users to set meeting schedules.
  • Zoom has a chat feature that makes it easy for Zoom users to send messages to other zoom users.
  • Zoom has a record feature that can record all meeting activities and can also be streamed through Youtube. 
  • Zoom has an Immersive view feature that serves to make the background look like a real meeting room and the host can set the layout of participants who are members of the meeting.

Zoom also has a change background feature that makes it easier for Zoom users to replace backgrounds. Such is information about Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) Download For Windows. Hopefully, it can be useful, to download click the link below:

Zoom 5.7.7 (1105) Download For Windows

People also ask

Which is Zoom latest version?
ZOOM Cloud Meetings 5.8. 1.2403 for Android - Download

Which version of zoom do I use?
Click your profile picture, then Help, and lastly select About Zoom. You will see the Zoom Desktop Client version.

What is the latest Zoom version for Windows 10?
September 10, 2021 version 5.7. 8 (1247)

How do I update zoom to version 5?
Upgrade version on desktop, Sign in to Zoom desktop client. Click your profile picture then click Check for Updates. If there is a newer version, Zoom will download and install it.

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