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Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 32 Bit/64 Bit

Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 32 Bit64 Bit
Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 32 Bit64 Bit

Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 32 Bit/64 Bit - Vivaldi is the name of an advanced web-based browser and is perfect for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The browser in front of you is the product of the creators of the Opera browser, namely Vivaldi Technologies Group. You will have more control over your web browsing with this powerful browser.

High flexibility is another key feature of this product that allows you to experience the pleasure of browsing the web with the settings and configurations you want. On the other hand, by using this product, you will have access to many of the tools needed to surf the web.

On the other hand, when you use the Vivaldi browser, you can customize all the features of this product and have the user interface you want. This means you can customize the browser tab location, color, theme, address bar, and tab position, and more as you wish.

Also, for better control over the tabs that are open at the same time, a tool called Tab Stacks has been used, with the help of which you can have a better organization.

Among the features of this browser, users can easily use this product. The makers of this product have tried to fulfill your needs in the field of web browsing by providing efficient software.

The browser in front of you also uses the Qwant search engine to search for the title you want. Another feature of this browser is the ability to use and create custom shortcuts that you can use for easy access.

Vivaldi Browser v5.0.2497.24 Features:

  1. Take advantage of a very comfortable and efficient user environment
  2. Ability to customize all features and user interface of this browser
  3. Very convenient ability to manage simultaneous open windows
  4. Use tools like search options, custom settings, and…
  5. Ability to create shortcuts for your computer's keyboard and mouse
  6. Protect your privacy in a safe environment

The features provided in the Vivaldi browser along with their explanations:

  1. Speed ​​Dial: Quick links to favorite sites are available in each new tab.
  2. Quick Commands: Control everything with simple text commands
  3. Backward: Returns to the first page of the site you were viewing
  4. Speed ​​Dial Folder: Organize Speed ​​Dials in folders for easy access
  5. Fast Forward: Jump to next page in sequence, great for search results
  6. Note: Take notes as you list them and link them to specific sites
  7. Side Panel: Quick access to bookmarks, downloads, and notes
  8. Custom Search Engines: Add almost any search section on the web
  9. Search Box: Search by the provider, or add directly
  10. Sessions: Save a set of tabs and open them in each one
  11. Visual Tabs: See visual previews of open tabs
  12. Trash: Recover closed tabs or pop-ups
  13. Bookmarks Bar: Toolbar for easy access and bookmark management
  14. Keyboard Shortcuts: Use key combinations to perform quick actions
  15. Speed ​​Dial Background: Personalize Speed ​​Dial wallpaper

The system required to install Vivaldi System

  • Operating system
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Mac (10.10+)
  • Linux

Recommended Hardware

There are no special requirements.

Installation instructions

This app is free. Install, run and use.


32-bit version: 76 MB

64-bit version: 80 MB

Download Link Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24

Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 32 Bit

Download Vivaldi v5.0.2497.24 64 Bit

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