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WhatsApp For Blackberry Download Free

WhatsApp For Blackberry Download Free
WhatsApp For Blackberry Download Free

WhatsApp For Blackberry Download Free - BlackBerry is a brand of cellular phone that has the ability to service push e-mail, telephone, SMS, surf the internet, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and various other wireless capabilities. The use of this sophisticated device is so phenomenal lately, that it has become a necessity for fashion.

BlackBerry was first introduced in 1999 by the Canadian company, BlackBerry. His ability to convey information over wireless data networks from the service of mobile phone companies shocked the world. However, as of January 2022, Blackberry officially resigned and will no longer have operating system support.

BlackBerry's flagship product

The product that became the mainstay and made BlackBerry popular in the market is the fast e-mail feature (push e-mail). This product is known as fast e-mail because all new e-mails, contact lists, and schedule (calendar) information are "shown" directly into BlackBerry automatically.

As mentioned above the advantages of BlackBerry, namely push e-mail. With push e-mail, all incoming electronic mail can be forwarded directly to the mobile phone. An E-mail has also undergone a compression and scan process on the BlackBerry server so it is safe from viruses. File attachments in the form of Microsoft Office documents and PDFs can be opened easily. A 1 MB electronic mail if received via push e-mail can be 10 KB with fixed content.

Users do not need to access the Internet first and open incoming e-mails one by one or check new e-mails. This is possible because users will be constantly connected to the virtual world through the available cellular telephone network. The storage device also allows users to access data that reaches when it is outside the wireless coverage service. Once the user reconnects, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will relay the latest incoming data.

Another plus is BlackBerry's ability to accommodate up to tens of thousands of electronic mail without the risk of a hang, as long as there is a memory left.

BlackBerry can also be used to chat. Similar to Yahoo Messenger called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which runs through the BlackBerry network by entering the unique identity number or PIN of each BlackBerry phone.

All BlackBerry services are known to be very safe, whether e-mail, chatting, or browsing. For browsing the Internet, data from websites has been compressed so that it opens faster.

Another facility that is a mainstay of BlackBerry is instant messaging. Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Skype have now become BlackBerry partners. The latest technology does allow us to chat (chat) on the Internet via mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), but what is different on BlackBerry is the complete installation process that can be done via a wireless network.

Seeing the phenomenon of BlackBerry being favored by the public because of the superiority of its communication facilities, many IT companies are developing and competing to create the most up-to-date applications for BlackBerry users. 

Other advantages are also present through compression technology which causes low access costs and notification of message responses via a vibrating alert on the BlackBerry. The use of BlackBerry is increasingly widespread with the presence of the BlackBerry connection facility (BlackBerry Connect). 

With BlackBerry Connect, users no longer have to use a BlackBerry handheld device to take advantage of the BlackBerry Internet Solution. Users only need to install BlackBerry Connect on any brand of smartphone they own, so they can take advantage of the BlackBerry Internet Solution.

WhatsApp Features

  1. Join unanswered group calls Previously, users could not join group calls when the status was unanswered. So, the group call has to be repeated for the user to join. This year, WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows users to still be able to join group calls, even if they missed it. The trick, users only need to go to the list of recent calls on WhatsApp, then tap join group calls
  2. Increasing the number of group call participants In the group call feature, this year WhatsApp has increased the number of group call participants to a maximum of eight users. Previously, group calls were only accessible to a maximum of four users.
  3. Multi-device support The multi-device support feature allows users to access one WhatsApp account via multiple devices. This feature will make it easier for users who need multiple devices to work.
  4. Dark mode The dark mode feature allows users to change the WhatsApp user interface (UI) to black. With this feature, users can minimize eye glare due to at bright display on WhatsApp. To activate this mode, go to Settings>Chats>Theme menu.
  5. One view photo The photo feature that disappears automatically or disappears mode is one of the security settings improvements that are presented on WhatsApp. With this feature, users can limit the viewing time of photos or videos sent to contacts on WhatsApp. When the user activates this feature, the photos or videos sent will be lost or deleted automatically when they are open in the chat room. How to activate this feature is quite easy, users only need to press the circle button "1" when they want to send photos or videos.
  6. Improved chat search The chat search feature in WhatsApp has been improved, which allows users to search for chats more specifically. Users are not only presented with search results in the form of text, but also photos, videos, audio, GIFs, and so on. This feature can be accessed in the search field located at the top of the application.
  7. Improved storage management This feature allows users to manage stored data (photos, videos, audios, and so on) on WhatsApp. In the Data and Storage section in WhatsApp Settings, users can sort and choose what data they want to delete. Users can delete data from private and group chats. This feature will also display a list of contacts that are using the most storage.
  8. Phone and video call on the desktop As if not wanting to be outdone by the presence of the meeting application, WhatsApp also added a new feature this year that allows users to make phone and video calls via the desktop. To be able to access this feature, users only need to install the desktop version of the WhatsApp application. For now, the desktop version of WhatsApp can only make personal calls.
  9. Archive without notifications The Archive feature has actually been present in WhatsApp for a long time. However, WhatsApp made improvements to this feature, by not showing notifications when there are new chats for archived contacts. Previously, archived chats were notified when a new message came in. The chat will also then appear on the main page. While the Archive feature has been improved, making chats remain in the archive even though there are new incoming messages.
  10. Improved biometric security The company earlier this year provided an enhanced security system by adding biometric authentication when users will access WhatsApp web or desktop. Users are not only asked to scan the QR code that appears on the screen to enter WhatsApp web or desktop. So with this feature, users will also be asked to scan fingerprints or faces.

WhatsApp For Blackberry Download 

  • Whatsapp messenger for other Blackberry devices like BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Leap, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Z30, Porsche Design P9982, Porsche Design P9983, Whatsapp for blackberry 9300, Whatsapp for blackberry 9800, Whatsapp for blackberry 8520, Whatsapp for BB 9320, Whatsapp for blackberry 9320, Whatsapp for blackberry curve 8520 and so on are available. To get started with WhatsApp web.
  • First, you should visit the website but on your personal computer.
  • After that, you should open WhatsApp from your mobile device.
  • So in this, you should first go to the QR scanning code which is different for different operating systems.

  1. On BlackBerry: go to Chats>Menu>WhatsApp Web.
  2. On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from the top of the screen>WhatsApp Web.

  • After you know how to scan the QR code which is available on your computer.
  • Then you should scan it once it is done you will be directly accessed to do WhatsApp directly from your personal computer.

WhatsApp 10 For Blackberry

  • App Name: WhatsApp 10 For Blackberry
  • File Size: 1 MB
  • Version: 1.0.602.1
  • Developer: Whatsapp
  • Downloads: 10,00,000+
  • Last Updated: September 2019
  • Supported Devices: BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Leap, BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z3, BlackBerry Z30, Porsche Design P9982 & P9983.

WhatsApp For Blackberry Download Free

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