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Download Telegram 8.5.0 Apk for Android

Download Telegram 8.5.0 Apk for Android - The Telegram chat or instant messaging application is now increasingly being used by smartphone users around the world, including in Indonesia. Based on the data, Telegram managed to record 500 million active users during the first week of January 2021.

Mechanistically, Telegram has a system that is almost the same as other chat applications, WhatsApp and LINE for example. However, in terms of features, there are some differences that Telegram has.

Regarding its own features, in fact, Telegram has hidden features that many users still don't know about. Here are the hidden features:

Download Telegram 8.5.0 Apk for Android
Download Telegram 8.5.0 Apk for Android

Telegram Features

1. Find People by Location feature to find new friends

This feature is suitable for those of you who want to expand your network and make new online friends. Telegram allows users to find new groups and friends from nearby locations.

However, users and groups must enable this feature as well in order to be discoverable. So, if the group or user you are looking for has not activated this feature, then you cannot find them via Telegram.

To be able to use this feature, go to the 'Contacts' tab in the Telegram app and grant location permission when asked.

2. Slow Mode Feature to Manage Incoming Messages in Groups

If you are familiar with Telegram groups, surely you know that Telegram allows users to add group members up to 200,000 people.

With this feature, you can certainly imagine how many messages you might get per day from just one group.

Therefore, so that users don't feel overwhelmed, group admins have a 'Slow Mode' option, which is a feature to schedule a certain time for group members before they can send the next message to the group.

To enable this feature, go to the group you belong to and click 'Edit' > 'Permissions'. Then, select the desired duration at the bottom of the page.

This feature makes it easier for group admins to manage their groups more efficiently but is still convenient to use.

3. Video Meeting Recording Features

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic situation in various countries around the world is slowly getting better.

However, if you are still implementing WFH (Work From Home) or maybe you are too skeptical about going outside again, it could be that you are still often stuck with online meetings.

In addition to the many online meeting platforms that are commonly used, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, you can also hold online meetings via Telegram.

In fact, not only can you schedule online meetings via Telegram groups, you can also record and send recordings of the meeting to any friends or colleagues you know on Telegram.

To use this option, click on the 'Chat' button and press the microphone symbol. Before using this feature, make sure you have given the Telegram app access permission to send pictures and videos.

4. Private Channel Feature To Avoid Losing Important Data

Telegram also has a unique feature that other messaging apps don't have: create a private channel that can be personalized.

As we know, Telegram has a channel feature that allows users to share information with anyone without receiving a response or message back from channel subscribers.

These channels are usually publicly accessible, but if you need a feature that allows you to save any important data or messages, for example, this feature is perfect for you.

To create a private channel, each user may have different instructions depending on the type of device used. Briefly, how to activate this feature is as follows:

iPhone: Go to the 'Chats' tab, click on the 'New Message' option in the top right corner of the app and select the 'New Channel' option.

Android: Go to 'Chats' and click on the pencil symbol and select 'New Channel' from the list of available options.

Desktop: Tap the 'Hamburger' menu in the top left corner and select the 'New Channel' option.

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