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How to use the Complete DU Recorder Application

How to use the Complete DU Recorder Application - DU recorder is a free application that has many benefits, being a cellphone screen recorder application that is quite light and easy to use. Not only screen recording, but Du Recorder can also be used to edit videos after recording, users can easily do simple editing.

In addition to how easy it is to use, Du Recorder is also without ads so it doesn't bother users. Light and fast floating ball available for navigating quickly. Du Recorder can be used without root, meaning that almost any phone can install it either rooted or otherwise.

The quality of the video is produced in Full HD so it is very suitable for those YouTubers who do screencast games, android tutorials, etc. With just one tap you can start and stop recording, making live shows or video chats easier.

How to use the Complete DU Recorder Application

The features of the DU recorder and how to use it.

  1. The main features of DU Recorder allow users to make HD quality cellphone screen recordings, online videos, gameplay, live shows and several other interesting offers:
  2. Quality video automatically selects the best video settings for your phone.
  3. Best resolution, 1440p, 60FPS, 12.0Mbps quality.
  4. It can record external sound automatically, making it perfect for dubbing video games.
  5. Easily pause the video, resume recording, and get started.
  6. Record screen via floating window or notification bar.
  7. Hide floating window when doing screen recording.
  8. Recording without watermark.
  9. Screenshot, the application records the screen at once and can be used to take screenshots/chat to document into images.
  10. Easily and quickly take screenshots via floating window or notification bar.
  11. Disable notifications after screenshots and enable them.
  12. Edit images, delete, select all images and share easily.

In addition, there are video editor features, the All in one application records the screen while editing videos without using other applications.

Video Editor on DU Recorder

  • Users can easily edit videos without having to use other applications to enhance the content they create.
  • Personalization and attractive themes are available.
  • Interesting features to easily create unique videos.
  • Merge videos with lots of interesting transitions.
  • Add attractive fonts to decorate the videos you make.
  • Easily add dubbing videos.
  • Add stickers to your videos, and support adding music and watermarks according to your brand.
  • You are a YouTuber / vlogger who wants to do a live broadcast? Du Recorder is indeed provided for those of you who will live to YouTube directly using a screen recorder.
  • A gamer can stream videos of gaming moments on your cellphone and broadcast them live.

Processing images.

  • The features are quite a complete, right? This lightweight and ad-free android screen recording application is equipped with image editing, reducing size, adding special effects to images.
  • Helpful for those of you who will take screenshots in just one step, here are some points of editing images via DU recorder.
  • Add borders, filters, graffiti & Mosaic images, stickers, text, crop, trim, and crop.

How to use DU Recorder.

  • First, please download the du recorder application through the free play store.
  • Recording Android Phone Screen.
  • How to record an Android cellphone screen with a du recorder is quite easy, here I assume you have downloaded and installed the application.
  • Please enter your cellphone menu, then select the Du recorder application that has been installed.
  • After the application is active there will be a floating shortcut in your menu as shown below.

How to use do recorder

  • Start Recording screen
  • After that, please tap the red circle if you want to start recording, after clicking on a count of three it will automatically record the screen.
  • Next, if you feel that the process of making the video is enough, click the stop icon or if you want to pause, click the Pause icon. See the image below.

How to screenshot using DU Recorder.

  • In addition to functioning to record the screen, Du Recorder can also be used to capture images. For smartphone users, of course, the word screenshot is no stranger.
  • This feature is usually brought by default by each mobile phone vendor from Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and so on.
  • The general way of screenshots is to use a combination button, some use "Home + Power", some use "Volume + Power" and others.
  • But thanks to Du Recorder you can easily do a screen capture with one tap.
  • First you decide which page to take pictures of, then click on the floating du recorder icon.
  • Please select the lock icon, and video then will find some settings of the application.
  • The next step is to activate the screenshot icon, once active there is a floating camera icon.
  • To take a screenshot, simply tap the Camera Icon. It will automatically capture the screen image.

The result. Check-in your phone gallery, that's it.


Thus the tutorial using the du recorder application, hopefully, will be useful, and thank you. If  you are interested in using Du Recorder, You can download Du Recorder to the link below:

DU Recorder Download For Android

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