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Telegram x ios download without app store

Telegram x ios download without app store - Telegram x is an alternative client application to Telegram. This app was officially introduced by telegram in January 2018. Available for Android and iOS platforms.

Compared to the Telegram application, Telegram X has advantages, namely speed and a fresher appearance, including the following:

Telegram x ios download without app store
Telegram x ios download without app store

Interface Display

  • Dual Tab i.e. Chat & call. This view makes it easier for you to access the voice call menu. This appearance is also similar to the WhatsApp application before it was acquired by Facebook.
  • The hamburger menu is more varied. In Telegram X the appearance of the Hamburger menu is simpler, but you can directly access 2 important menus, namely proxy and dark mode on that menu.
  • Bubble-free chat option. Telegram X provides Bubble free chat option. When this option is activated, the chat view will be more like a timeline like most social media than regular chat.
  • More interesting theme options. Telegram X provides a variety of more attractive standard themes. If that's still not enough, you can join several channels/groups to get a theme that fits your character. I myself like the Inferno black theme

Speed ​​& animation

  • Swipe the left feature for more back. This feature is probably one of the features I really like about Telegram X because it makes it easier for me to navigate the app.
  • Smoother & smoother animations. For this one, I suggest you try it yourself and compare the results with the standard telegram application.
  • Hold-to-seeking feature. This feature is useful for peeking at the conversation without opening the chat.

Disadvantages of Telegram X App

  • As the number 2 telegram application, of course, this application also has shortcomings, for example, because it is still experimental, many bugs were found when this application was just updated.
  • If the main telegram app gets a feature update, it usually takes some time for the telegram X app to enjoy it.

If  You want to Download Telegram X Without App Store, click the link below: