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Telegram x ios download without app store

Telegram x ios download without app store - Telegram x is an alternative client application to Telegram. This app was officially introduced by telegram in January 2018. Available for Android and iOS platforms.

Compared to the Telegram application, Telegram X has advantages, namely speed and a fresher appearance, including the following:

Telegram x ios download without app store
Telegram x ios download without app store

Interface Display

  • Dual Tab i.e. Chat & call. This view makes it easier for you to access the voice call menu. This appearance is also similar to the WhatsApp application before it was acquired by Facebook.
  • The hamburger menu is more varied. In Telegram X the appearance of the Hamburger menu is simpler, but you can directly access 2 important menus, namely proxy and dark mode on that menu.
  • Bubble-free chat option. Telegram X provides Bubble free chat option. When this option is activated, the chat view will be more like a timeline like most social media than regular chat.
  • More interesting theme options. Telegram X provides a variety of more attractive standard themes. If that's still not enough, you can join several channels/groups to get a theme that fits your character. I myself like the Inferno black theme

Speed ​​& animation

  • Swipe the left feature for more back. This feature is probably one of the features I really like about Telegram X because it makes it easier for me to navigate the app.
  • Smoother & smoother animations. For this one, I suggest you try it yourself and compare the results with the standard telegram application.
  • Hold-to-seeking feature. This feature is useful for peeking at the conversation without opening the chat.

Features of Telegram X For PC

Next, identify the best features contained in the Telegram X apk, where the features in Telegram X will of course help users.

In surfing access the existing feature services with the help of Telegram X Apk:

1. Can Choose Multiple Languages

This unique telegram feature is where there are many language choices that users can try. But unfortunately, it is a little strange because in this feature there is no Indonesian language feature, this is indeed a little annoying and feels a little strange.

But users don't need to worry, because you can choose other language options provided such as using English, Malay, German, French, and many others which of course are not Indonesian. So if you still want hard nails using Indonesian, you can use the original version of Telegram.

2. Call Menu

The next feature that is a superior feature in telegram x ios is where, in the display of features contained in telegram x, the user will find a call menu at the beginning of the display. So by clicking the calls option or by swiping left on the right of the chat.

With the appearance of different features on Telegram, it usually certainly makes the appearance of Telegram X for PC even more giving off an increasingly attractive aura. So that you will be exposed to a striking aura on the appearance of the Telegram iOS X download that you have.

3. There is a Theme in Chat

Another interesting feature is that in Telegram for iOS users are also given services to be able to use themes in the chats that you run. Where users can choose various colors or images to be applied to your chat room display screen.

Where the chat room display varies, of course, it will create a better feel and will also be able to help raise the mood in yourself. In downloading a telegram iPhone, you can also create your own theme, you know.

4. Without Telegram X

Furthermore, the interesting feature contained in the Telegram X PC is that users will not feel any writing interference with the Telegram X logo or watermark. Of course, with the issuance of this feature, users will not feel happy. Because in fact on the original version of the telegram display, the user will get a telegram text at the top of the user's screen display.

Telegram X for Android

Telegram X for Android was born in the furnace of a contest for Android developers that our founder launched two years ago. The winner then uses the power of TDLib to create stunning apps with a special focus on smooth animations.

X for Android is faster and more battery efficient than the original app and features a sleek new design.

Telegram X also supports a clean, bubble-free mode for chat, where messages and photos get more breathing room – and photos in the channel assume the full width of the screen:

Telegram X full width of the screen

In Telegram X, you can tap and hold on any chat to preview its content without opening it. This works everywhere, including in the forwarding and sharing menus, as well as in the Calls and 'Same Groups' tabs.

The app also offers lots of useful swipe actions. For example, you can switch between 'Chat' and 'Call' by swiping left and right on the main screen. You can also swipe right on any message to go directly to the forwarding menu:

Telegram X for Android

The app includes a redesigned music player and attachments menu, as well as an optimized profile page with quick access to shared media. You can easily switch between different media types by swiping.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of features, Telegram X for Android is full of little surprises around every corner.

Telegram X For Android 3

The app is now ready to start its experimental journey with new features slated to appear as early as next week.

X for iOS

UPD: As of October 2018, Telegram X for iOS has replaced the older Objective-C-based client. If you are looking for the best iOS experience, then turn to the main Telegram app.

Telegram X for iOS is written entirely in Swift and is significantly lighter, faster, and more battery efficient than the original app, which was built with Objective C.

The design and feature set is closer to what iOS users expect from Telegram, but you'll definitely notice smoother animations and faster loading speeds and times on most iPhones.

The internal structure of Telegram X for iOS is also much better optimized for what is expected of the Telegram app in 2018 and beyond. Just like X for Android, today's release of X for iOS is the start of a long journey.

Stay tuned for our next update, both for the experimental version and the classic version.

Disadvantages of Telegram X App

  • As the number 2 telegram application, of course, this application also has shortcomings, for example, because it is still experimental, many bugs were found when this application was just updated.
  • If the main telegram app gets a feature update, it usually takes some time for the telegram X app to enjoy it.

If  You want to Download Telegram X Without App Store, click the link below:

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