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Zoom 5.10.7 Download For PC

Zoom 5.10.7 Download For PC
Zoom 5.10.7 Download For PC 

Zoom 5.10.7 Download For PC - Zoom has just released the latest version of Zoom Version 5.10.7 from the previous Zoom Version 5.10.6Zoom is an application that can be used to conduct online meetings, one-on-one video calls, and even groups of up to a hundred people.

Advances in information technology allow us to hold meetings without having to be in the same room, even in the same location. Of course, this can happen with the help of certain tools, at least a camera, microphone, and internet connection, all of which are on your smartphone & laptop.

This application can be used on Android or on a PC, the aim is to facilitate online meeting/teleconference activities. This video conferencing application is widely used as a face-to-face tool from home for various purposes, ranging from meetings between co-workers, school student learning, and online lectures, just to unwind with friends and workers who are asked to work from home or the term WFH (work from home). home).

In addition to making video calls, Zoom Cloud Meetings also allows users to send text messages to each other, or make presentations in person. Zoom Cloud Meetings allows for forty minutes of group meetings for free.

This application can be connected to the internet using a Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE network. In fact, Zoom Cloud Meetings can also run with only 3G.

If you need a virtual meeting room for more than 40 minutes or more than 100 participants, you can use a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account.

Features Zoom 5.10.7

  1. Zoom has HD video and sound quality
  2. Zoom has a talk highlight that makes it simple for Zoom clients to send short messages to different members.
  3. Zoom has an offer screen highlight that makes it simple for Zoom clients to introduce their slides to different members.
  4. Zoom has a recording highlight that can record all video meeting exercises.
  5. Zoom has a change foundation include that makes it simpler for ZOom clients to change the foundation as per their desires.
  6. ZOom has a component of booking meeting solicitations naturally and is not difficult to send either by email or with web-based media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.
  7. Zoom is upheld by cloud-based frameworks.
  8. Zoom has an Immersive View highlight that makes virtual appealing in light of the fact that virtual gathering appears as though it is in the room.
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Additional Information Zoom Download
License Freeware
Developer Zoom Video Communications
Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Version 5.10.7
Categories Office and Business Applications, Communication Software

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