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Telegram Download for PC Windows 10 64 bit

Telegram Download for PC Windows 10 64 bit
Telegram Download for PC Windows 10 64 bit

Telegram Download for PC Windows 10 64-bit - A messaging app with a focus on speed and security is called Telegram. It's totally free, easy, and quick. Telegram may be used simultaneously on all of your devices. With Telegram, you may broadcast to an unlimited number of people, form groups with up to 5000 members, and share messages, images, videos, and files of any sort.

You can write to the people on your phone contacts list and look them up by username. As a result, Telegram can meet all of your demands for a personal or professional chat. Anywhere in the globe with network connectivity, the portable version of the Telegram program is intended to create a cozy and practical human conversation.

If just a USB or SD adapter is available, you can download the Telegram phone to a flash card and use it whenever you want, on any device. If you have the ordinary version of Telegram installed on your PC, you do not intend to switch between devices. Customers who constantly switch between computers or who frequently travel and don't want to install entire software on their PCs should adopt "portable" technology.

How to use Telegram portable?

If you want to subscribe to Telegram Portable, you must download the program, set it up, and comprehend how it functions. There are various procedures you must complete, including loading, installation and launch, and account registration.


To begin using Telegram's portable version, open a browser and type "Telegram Desktop Portable" into the search bar. After that, find the link to the app's installation on the top website. Wait for the archive to load before clicking on it.

Installation and launch

There are various steps involved in the installation process. Open the downloaded ZIP first; you should see a folder called "Telegram." It must be opened and deleted. Then click again on the identically named application that appears inside. So, a window will show up. In the "Run" field, click.

Account Registration

You must register before using the application for the first time. On The next step is to input your region followed by your phone number. You can then begin utilizing it by entering the message's code into the space. However, using Telegram on a desktop computer is a little different.

How is Telegram different on the desktop version?

Installing Telegram on a Windows computer is as simple as doing it on an Android or iOS device. You must to the official Telegram website and download the PC version. You can download and launch the desktop version of the application by simply following these steps.

  1. Open the Telegram website, here is the link:
  2. Choose the Telegram Desktop version for your computer
  3. Now Download Telegram app for PC/macOS
  4. Install the downloaded Telegram app
  5. After installing the app, you can run it
  6. Click Start Order
  7. Choose your country
  8. Enter your Telegram registered phone number
  9. Type the received OTP code
  10. And the Telegram app will be successfully installed on your Desktop PC
  11. Start Order

You can access your Telegram account on a PC or laptop using the freeware Telegram Desktop Portable. You may respond to Telegram messages considerably faster by using this program. You will find using this software to be quite simple because there is no installation required.

Full features of Telegram Desktop Portable software:

  • No running background and uses RAM and internet silently.
  • Lightweight software is only less than 25MB in size.
  • To use it does not need the installation process.

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