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Download Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1 For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Download Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1
Download Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1

Download Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1 - The coronavirus crisis has eroded millions of sources of income around the world, but not Eric Yuan. Eric Yuan, 49, is the founder and CEO of video conferencing app Zoom.

Even before the coronavirus became a pandemic that forced people to work and socialize online, Zoom's share price was already growing exponentially.

Zoom is a video conferencing service based on cloud computing. This app allows anyone to meet virtually anyone, whether it's a video call, voice call, or both. Interestingly, all conversations via Zoom can be recorded for later viewing.

This Zoom application is considered to have qualified quality. The proof is that half of the Fortune 500 companies already use the service. The President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and his staff are reportedly also using the application for online meetings with cabinet members.

In this year alone, the number of users of the Zoom application has experienced rapid growth. It is estimated that the company that is leading the online meeting conference will get a spike in active users of 2.22 million per month until March 2020.

A high number of increases when compared to active users in 2019 which amounted to 1.99 million users.

President Joko Widodo, in the midst of the virus that has hit the country, appealed to the public to study, work and worship at home. This has an impact on the world of education, schools and campuses are closed and replaced with distance learning / online / online.

Through the Circular of the Minister of Education and Culture, the teaching and learning process is transferred independently at each student's home with a remote model through an online/online system.

To address distance/online learning models, teachers must master application models that allow distance/online learning activities. Of course, the application chosen by the teacher has been mastered by the students.

This is necessary for the learning process to run smoothly. In addition, another problem that needs to be considered is that students will also find it difficult to consult with the teacher, especially for lessons that are considered to require more in-depth explanation and understanding.

To overcome this, the Zoom Cloud Meetings application is to carry out online/online learning activities that allow teachers to interact more communicatively.

Zoom is an application that provides remote conferencing services by combining video conferencing, online meetings, chat, to mobile collaboration. This application is widely used as a medium of long-distance communication.

Some of the advantages of the Zoom application are: it allows meeting up to 100 participants, users can send texts while the meeting is in progress, users can schedule meetings via the schedule feature.

Users can also send screenshots during the meeting to Google Drive, Dropbox or File Box. In addition, Zoom Cloud Meeting can work on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

While the drawback of Zoom is that online activities can only last for 40 minutes. If it takes more than that, the user needs to repeat the process to continue.

Carrying out teaching and learning activities with the Zoom Cloud Meeting application turned out to be very fun. Teachers become creative, students feel very happy.

The most important thing is that teachers carry out teaching and learning activities effectively such as face-to-face teaching activities in class. Parents or guardians of students must also monitor their children while studying at home.

In this way, the learning objectives will be achieved and all will be avoided from the spread of the Covid-19 virus which is currently rampant.

Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1  Features

Presentation mode

You can play a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation for a virtual background. It can be picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. You can move the video to any part of the slide. This is an important feature if you want to give a presentation during a Zoom call.


Following along like other apps, Zoom introduced filters in its service, namely blindfolds, bunnies, mustaches, and more. Users will also be able to access various video filters.

However, these features cannot be used during office meetings or other formal meetings, unless the meeting is quite slow. Filters are more useful when you want to have a conversation with friends and family.

Reaction in video

You'll be able to send emojis for immediate reactions, such as celebrating, laughing, or hearts during an active video conversation. You can do this just by pressing the reaction button.

Increase brightness (brightness)

Many users get problems with the webcam on the laptop because of the lighting. With the brightness feature, you can brighten the video.

Just go into the settings then click on Adjust for low light and then increase the brightness accordingly. Apart from that, you can also beautify your appearance through the skin smoothing feature on your cellphone camera.

Noise cancellation

This feature can eliminate unwanted noise in the video background, such as the sound of fans, rain, pets, children and others.

You have three noise cancellation options, ranging from low to high, after enabling the Suppress background noise menu.

Zoom Subscription Plan

After learning what Zoom is and its features, Zoom also offers subscription plans to make it easier for companies to access low-cost hardware and pay for software and hardware in one single invoice.

Of course, this is more efficient because the costs incurred are lower while simplifying the bookkeeping related to online communication needs.

Companies can start low if they want, then add additional hardware over time and needs change, they can also opt for a fully managed service.

Where a third party can handle hardware installation and management if that's what the customer requires. The Zoom Phone package is offered for 5.99 US dollars or 60 US dollars per month. In addition, the hardware service fee for Zoom Rooms is around US$75 per month.

Download Zoom Meeting App 5.11.1

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