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Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit

Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit
Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit

Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit - At this time, after the corona virus was declared a world pandemic, you are encouraged to practice social distancing at home. In addition, Work From Home (WFH) is a recommendation from the government to minimize contact between communities. The presence of this zoom application will help facilitate long-distance relationships, so here we will discuss what zoom is and its features.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing service application based on cloud computing. This service becomes your application to meet other people online, whether it's with video calls, voice calls, or both.

Most importantly, all conversations via zoom can be recorded for later viewing. This application is considered to have very good quality.

In fact, half of the Fortune 500 companies already use this service. The President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo and his ministers and cabinet are reportedly also using the service application to stream with members of his cabinet.

When people talk about Zoom, you will usually hear the following phrases: Zoom Meeting and Zoom Room.

Zoom is a term that refers to a meeting or streaming video conference hosted using the Zoom app. You can also join meetings or streams that invite you via webcam or with a smartphone.

Additionally, Zoom itself is a physical hardware setup that makes it easier for companies to schedule and start Zoom meetings from their conference rooms.

You can use this service on a small scale, it never hurts to buy the premium service of the Zoom application to make your work easier.

In this year alone, the number of Zoom Service users has experienced rapid development with the increasing Covid-19 pandemic.

It is predicted that the company leading the online meeting conference will get an increase of 2.22 million active users per month starting from March 2020.

A high number of increases when compared to active users in 2019 which only amounted to 1.99 million users.

History of Zoom

Since the implementation of physical distancing in many countries exposed to the corona virus, the Zoom application has suddenly been widely used to support online learning and working activities.

It is known that the number of daily users of Zoom has increased by 1,900 percent since December 2019. Whereas last December, it is known that Zoom only has a number of daily users of around 10 million.

After that at the end of last March, the number increased to reach 200 million daily users of Zoom who stream.

Zoom's income has more than doubled in the past three months, increasing Yuan's individual fortune as CEO. Yuan's average wealth of 7.57 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 124 trillion comes from his 19 percent stake in Zoom.

Yuan is in position 192 on the list of the 500 richest people in the world according to Bloomberg. No one understands the fate of people, before 2020, even Yuan is not on the list.

If we look back, the first idea for creating Zoom started with a long distance relationship (LDR). Before Zoom was founded, Yuan was vice president at telecommunications equipment company Cisco Systems. Yuan worked for the Cisco-led company WebEx in 2007.

Yuan got the idea to make Zoom while trying to find tips to help his LDR relationship with his girlfriend who was living in China at the time.

According to Fortune, Yuan and his girlfriend are enrolled in two different universities they are separated by a 10 hour train journey. The two are currently married and have three children.

I only get to see it twice a year and it took more than 10 hours to get there by train”, Yuan told Forbes in 2017. “I was very young then around 18 or 19 and I thought it would be it will be a pride if in the future there is a device where I can click a button and see it and talk to it”, he said.

Business Insider reports that this experience gave Yuan the idea of ​​incorporating video technology into telephone-based conferencing systems such as Cisco's.

Yuan also wants to realize a conference system that is more user-friendly and fun to use. Yuan gave Cisco more focus on social networking, trying to create a Facebook company,” he told Forbes.

At the beginning of his career building Zoom, the stage was not as smooth as one might think. Yuan couldn't convince any investors to cheer on his new venture, so he borrowed money from friends and family to launch Zoom.

"They think the market is very crowded, the game is over," Yuan told The Financial Times. Yuan's hard work finally paid off in April 2019.

Zoom reportedly currently has a valuation of 35 billion US dollars. Zoom also has more than 30,000 corporate fans including Samsung, Uber, Walmart and Capital One.

In the future, the Zoom application will activate the Passwords and Waiting Rooms features directly for a new policy to overcome the problem of many troublesome "Zoombombing" actions.

Zoom Features

Presentation mode

You can play a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation for a virtual backdrop. It can be picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. You can move the video to any part of the slide. This is an important feature if you want to give a presentation during a Zoom call.


Following along like other apps, Zoom introduced filters in its service, namely blindfolds, bunnies, mustaches, and more. Users will also be able to access various video filters.

However, these features cannot be used during office meetings or other formal meetings, unless the meeting is quite slow. Filters are more useful when you want to have a conversation with friends and family.

Reaction in video

You'll be able to send emojis for immediate reactions, such as celebrating, laughing, or hearts during an active video conversation. You can do this just by pressing the reaction button.

Increase brightness (brightness)

Many users get problems with the webcam on the laptop because of the lighting. With the brightness feature, you can brighten the video.

Just go into the settings then click Adjust for low light and then increase the brightness accordingly. Apart from that, you can also beautify your appearance through the skin smoothing feature on your cellphone camera.

Noise cancellation

This feature can eliminate unwanted noise in the background of the video, such as the sound of fans, rain, pets, children and others.

You have three noise cancellation options, from low to high, after enabling the Suppress background noise menu.

Zoom Subscription Plan

Zoom Subscription Plan
Zoom Subscription Plan

After learning what Zoom is and its features, Zoom also offers subscription plans to make it easier for companies to access low-cost hardware and pay for software and hardware in one single invoice.

Of course, this is more efficient because the costs incurred are lower while simplifying the bookkeeping related to online communication needs.

Companies can start from scratch if they want, then add additional hardware over time and needs change, they can also opt for a fully managed service.

Where a third party can handle hardware installation and management if that's what the customer requires.

The Zoom Phone package is offered for 5.99 US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 87,000 and 60 US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 866,400 per month.

In addition, the hardware service fees for Zoom Rooms are around US$75 or equivalent to US$1.1 million to US$200 or around Rp.2.9 million per month.

Advantages of Zoom

1. Large space capacity

A meeting application or virtual streaming of course must be able to take many participants in one conference session.

Like meetings in general, virtual meetings usually have a very large number of participants. The Zoom Meeting application is said to be able to accept up to 1,000 participants and 10,000 viewers in a group or live video room.

That number is of course very large because the average person expects a meeting or online streaming to be in the hundreds at most.

2. Best video and sound quality

At an online meeting it will definitely be very bad if the sound quality and video resolution displayed is not the best.

Maybe, you can't catch what the other person is saying. One of the advantages of Zoom Cloud Meeting is that it can provide clean video quality and clear voice so that it will be easier when communicating.

3. There are various interesting features

The advantage that is no less amazing in the Zoom Cloud Meeting application is that it provides a variety of interesting features.

You can record and save videos during meetings, brighten your skin tone, change the background as you wish, to schedule online meetings. These features may only be available in the Zoom application.

4. Support presentation

For those of you who want to explain or understand a material more deeply, in the Zoom Cloud Meeting application you can present material files to other participants.

For those of you who want to explain or understand a material more deeply, in the Zoom Cloud Meeting application you can present material files to other participants.

Whether it's the participants or the presenters, they can scribble on the presentation so that it will be easier to deepen the lesson.

5. Video on/off feature

If during a meeting you no longer want to publish your face and voice to be exposed, then you can set to turn off your video and audio, this advantage of course will maintain your privacy without disturbing the course of an online meeting or streaming.

6. Available on various devices

For those of you who only have a cell phone, don't worry. Because, the Zoom Meeting application can be used on various devices including Android phones or smartphones, iPhones, PCs, or laptops.

In addition to having advantages, the Zoom Cloud Meeting application also has disadvantages that are dangerous for its users. The following are some of the disadvantages of Zoom Cloud Meeting.

Disadvantages of Zoom

1. Indonesian language is not available

The Zoom Cloud Meeting application uses English in it, so it will be quite difficult for those of you who do not understand English.

However, this is not a big problem, because with Google Translate you can understand English sentences correctly.

2. Wasteful quota

Usually, applications that display videos will consume more quota. Just like Zoom Cloud Meeting, don't be surprised if your internet package will decrease significantly after holding a video conference session.

3. Less safe

Lately, the Zoom Cloud Meeting application has become the center of attention due to the leaking of user data to the public.

Instead of keeping the personal details of users secret, this application actually disseminates sensitive data, namely the user's face, location, and user login hours during online meetings. 

Not only that, Zoom is also rumored to be easily accessible by hackers with the help of certain software.

Zoom Versus Google Meet

Zoom Versus Google Meet
Zoom Versus Google Meet

What is Zoom and its features and Google Meet and its features are video conferencing service applications become the main solution for carrying out activities such as meetings, studying, online seminars or online at home.

Zoom and Google Meet are two very popular services during the corona pandemic. Many features are presented to make it easier to use this application.

Zoom is a better option than Google Meet. Zoom provides more comprehensive features than apps from Google.

On the other hand, Google can use its big name to develop Google Hangouts Meet. This application makes it easier to integrate Google Meet with other applications, especially those owned by Google.

Google Meet and Zoom provide paid options to maximize the experience of these two apps.In the most basic version, both of these applications can be used for free. However, some things limit the ability of the application on the free version.

For example, the free version of Zoom can only accommodate a maximum of 100 people. In addition, streaming time is also limited to 40 minutes.

Zoom offers three types of paid plans for its service applications. The Basic version is priced at US$14.99 or equivalent to Rp. 250 thousand per month.

This package will provide access for 24 hours, personal identity, and more. The Business package from Zoom can make video conferences filled with up to 300 participants. The price is worth 19.99 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 325 thousand per month.

While the Enterprise package costs the same but there are at least 50 permanent users in a company. The package can make the conference attended by 500 people at a time.

While its competitor, Google Hangouts Meet, provides the most basic package at a price of 6 US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 100 thousand per month. With this package your team can stream with 250 people.

While the Business package from Google Hangouts Meet is priced at 12 US dollars, equivalent to Rp. 200 thousand. Up to 250 people can attend the same conference.

Both Zoom and Google Hangouts Meet have the ability to have one-on-one conversations as well as informal ones and can be used easily by making video calls and inviting people inside or outside your organization to join.

How to invite him is also very easy for both. Just share the link to the virtual meeting room or invite using your email and cellphone number.

Zoom and Google Hangout Meet also allow users to share screen views at a time. However, this ability can only be enjoyed if you use premium services.

Meanwhile, for the difference, Zoom does have more features than it does can be used during non-formal virtual meetings. On the other hand, Google Hangout Meet also has features that Zoom does not have. Such as playing, sharing, downloading and others.

That's a review of what Zoom is and its features, hopefully this article is useful for Zoom users during this corona pandemic, good luck.

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Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit

Information Zoom Offline Installer Windows 7 32 bit
License Freeware
Developer Zoom
Software Cost Free
Category Office & Business
Download Size 11.00 MB
Languages English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8

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