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Spookley the Square Pumpkin Story Pdf

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Story Pdf
Spookley the Square Pumpkin Story Pdf

Spookley the Square Pumpkin Story Pdf - Hello little readers today we'll be reading The Legend of spookley the square pumpkin by Joe Troiano one day in the pumpkin patch the strangest little pumpkin hatched spookley wasn't like his friends when they had curves he had ends spookley was different.

He was odd he was rare spookley the pumpkin wasn't round he was square while the round pumpkins had fun rolling along poor spookley sat there shaped all wrong he tried and tried with all his might but he couldn't budge he just sat tight the other pumpkins teased him.

Because he was square spookley wished he was round and could roll everywhere that is until one night when they all discovered it's fine to be round when the weather is fair but there are times it's better to be a square Halloween was just a day away when a mighty storm blew across the bay it tossed the round pumpkins to and fro it snapped their vines then off they'd.

Go bouncing left slamming right banging bashing what a sight spookley sat there filled with fright but glad to be a square that night suddenly the fence gave way three pumpkins rolled out and into the bay spookley knew what must be done it was up to him he was the one he teetered he tottered he tipped.

He tried and finally flipped he was on his side again he tipped again he flopped again he flipped and then he stopped right in the gap where the fence had snapped he blocked the way the hole was capped all the pumpkins shouted hooray spookley the square pumpkin had saved the day then a pumpkin hit him with a whack.

He thought his shell would start to crack then another one hit him with a thump and another one with a smack then one by one a ton of pumpkins piled on the stack with a bang and a bash and a crunch and a crash and then it all went black at dawn when the storm had stopped the farmer came out and checked his crop.

He picked his pumpkins up one by one and laid them out in the warm dry Sun and when the last was moved away the farmer could see what had saved the day an odd-shaped pumpkin short and dennis was wedged against the broken fence its shell was bruised its stemless - but there was a brave little spookley sitting straight and strong and true right then and there the farmer 

Knew of all the seeds he'd ever sown Spooky's were the most special that had ever grown and the next year when it was time to sow the sowed those seeds in every row he watered and weeded and watched them grow and oh that morning about mid-June when the pumpkin patch began to bloom there were tiny pumpkins.

Everywhere hundreds and hundreds most of them square some were cubes and some rectangular some were flat and others triangular there was a bed of bright red ones and two rows of blue there were polka dot pumpkins and rainbow ones - there were thousands of colors and hundreds of shade oh what a garden. spookley the square pumpkin song

Variety makes now every year on Halloween spookley x' patches quite a scene people come from near and far to see what wanders through that year they stop they gawk they gaze they stare then they pick a pumpkin that's round triangular or perfectly square now you know the story of how spookley grew maybe someday if you tell someone to they'll go tell someone who'll go tell another and maybe one day we will all discover you can't judge a book or a pumpkin by its cover B and for more stories.

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